OOBLECK By : Diego del corral

Why I chose my project : Fore my project I choose the oobleck because I thought it might be really cool experiment and a new thing about and learning about these amazing mixture.

Matireals to make the oobleck :

1 ) bowl.

2) spoon or amixer.

3) corn starch.

4) water.

5) own decision (colorant).

Steps : First get your bowl when you get it add the corn starch after you add your amount add really carefully pure the water a recommendation is to not add so much water or you might damaged your experiment. After you added the water mix it. You need to wait 5 to 10 minutes or less whene you see the water at the top don't worry just use something to separate and at the bottom the oobleck will be right there. When you get the oobleck you can add colorant so it looks better .

Lesson I learned : A lesson I learned was that the oobleck is at the same time solid and liquid but in different ways the oobleck might be hard if you try to punch it but if you get it softly it would be like grabbing just water in your hand, another thing I learnd was that there are two different tipes of oobleck the potato and the corn it is the same but different tipe of mixture and starch.

Thanks fore watching my Experiment 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎😄😄

The End
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Diegol 10


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