Zaya Nurai Island A piece of paradise

Looking for relaxation, meditation and peace? Zaya Nurai Island will be the best choice!

large terrace of the water villa with outdoor seating

An island that is considered as a piece of paradise or as other visitors added (The Middle Eastern Maldives). Zaya Nurai Island is located in Abu Dhabi, it is just a 10-12 minute boat ride from the welcome center which is located in Saadiyat Island.

bedroom in the water villa overlooking the terrace and the pool

The island offers its visitors a lot of interesting activities and events, there are also variety of restaurants for the visitors, all your needs and wants are satisfied at Nurai Island. Coffee shops, library, gym and water games are available.

Master bedroom of the water villa with its incredible sea view

When it comes to booking your stay or villa at the Island, there are choices for everyone. Whether you are going with you partner, family, friends or also if you are organizing a party with a big number of visitors.

living room from the water villa overlooking the blue sea and the terrace of the villa

I went with my family and we booked the 4 bedroom villa which Is called (the water villa). The villa was huge and included a swimming pool with a large terrace with seatings, the rooftop of the villa is unique than any other villa I have been to. This is because the roof is made of glass and there is a button to open the roof where we can go on the rooftop and watch the seas from above.

Lunch served by the chef in front of the sea.

Wake up in the early morning with sea in front of your eyes and capture the beautiful sunrise. Try out the different activities that are offered from yachting, fishing or also interesting water games. Swim with dolphins and dugongs Make your memories at a beautiful place that you could remember forever. Zaya Nurai Island is never a bad choice. My family and I enjoyed every minute spent there and tried out different water games and saw the beautiful sunrise in the island. Nurai is calling!!

Staircase in the water villa giving direct access to the sea.


Mahra Khaled

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