Midas King of gold

King Midas

Midas, in Greek mythology, was known as the man with the golden touch. He was the King in the region Phrygia in Anatolia.

Silenus, a teacher for the god Dionysus.

Silenus went missing after drinking too much and wandering off. He was found by Midas and was taken back to Dionysus. Dionysus was so happy that he told Midas he would grant him one wish. Midas wished for everything he touched to be turned to gold.

The decision

Midas was very happy with his new power. When he got back to the palace, he had his servants prepare a large feast. He soon realized that all the food he touched turned into gold. Because of this, he soon would die of starvation.

Midas hugging his daughter and turning her into gold.

Midas's daughter also turned to gold when greeting her father. He realised his decision was foolish, and prayed to Dionysus.

The River

Midas in the Pactolus River

Dionysus told Midas to go the Pactolus River and whatever was placed in the water would return back to normal. Midas went straight to the river. He felt his powers leave him and flow into the water of the river. The sand in the river even turned into gold.

Midas and his daughter living happily.

Midas then went back and made the decision to deny any and all riches. He then retreated to the countryside and became a follower of the god Pan.

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