Young Women's Advocacy Forum 2019 WAGGGS held the second Young Women's Advocacy Forum before the Women Deliver Conference 2019 where 6,000 world leaders, influencers, advocates, and journalists came together in Vancouver, Canada from 3-6 June to promote and achieve progress for girls and women everywhere. WAGGGS was there and we made sure your stories were told, your voices were heard and the issues that matter most to members were on the agenda! Scroll down to find out more...


“Speak out girls, it's your time!” Sonakhi, India


To kick start proceedings our Girl Powered Nutrition and Action on Body Confidence programmes held the second ‘Young Women’s Advocacy Forum’ to help the delegates to plan campaigns and projects in their home country and support them with practical advocacy, communication and media skills training for Women Deliver.

"Young people must be heard - programmes for youth must involve our voices. " Hanitra, Madagascar


Once the conference was underway, our delegates spoke powerfully about their experiences of girls’ nutrition, body confidence and self-esteem within their own communities and countries. They were key speakers at a number of events, including, ‘With the Youth, Through Nutrition, For the World’ a youth-friendly, interactive event to discuss adolescent nutrition around the world, ‘How We Can Collectively Take Action on Body Confidence?’ which considered how to go about raising the next generation of confident girls, and ‘Foodies That Give a Fork!’ which aimed to raise awareness about the importance of bringing a wide range of groups and voices into the fight for nutrition and gender equality progress.

WAGGGS delegates established themselves as experts on girls and young women by speaking at events with government and UN representatives, CEOs, social entrepreneurs as well as other youth delegates.

“I want every girl in the world to feel strong, passionate and confident about their beliefs and dreams, and to be responsible for what kind of world they want to be part of.” Izabel, Brazil.
We spoke to other delegates about how WAGGGS helps girls and young women to fulfil their full potential at our booth and by presenting a poster on Girl Powered Nutrition.
WAGGGS delegates also took advantage of opportunities to talk with key attendees such as the Tanzanian Minister for Health, Women and Children, the Canadian Ministers for Women and Gender Equality and Minister for International Development, the UN Envoy on Youth (pictured above), as well as journalists at Women Deliver to get issues that matter to girls and young women to a wider audience.


We worked closely with our WAGGGS’ partners at the event – Nutrition International, UNICEF, Dove and SUN Civil Society Network, among others – co-hosting panel discussions and presentations to raise awareness of our shared goals for girls and young women.

“I use my power to reach out to girls and encourage them to speak out their mind!” Ummy, Tanzania


The supportive friendships shared at Women Deliver not only enabled the delegates to work hard with presentations, media interviews, activities, and panel discussions but also meant fun times!
“I am proud to be one of the 10 million girls who are willing to leave this world a little better than how we found it.” Mirén, Mexico

We are so proud of the WAGGGS delegates and the great job they did representing an amazing movement of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts standing up for positive change around the world!!!

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