Slash and Burn Patricia valverde, Maria CarrascO, Pedro aLemañ and Abraham Martinez

  • Introduction to slash and burn
  • Impacts it has locally and globally
  • Is this technique successful?
  • Do you think MEDC'S have the right to critisice this technique
What is slash and burn?
  • Farming technique
  • Cut and burn
  • Soil gets infertile (2 years)
  • Amazon, Indonesia, Thailand
Impacts globally and locally
  • Slash and burn practices disrupt the natural balance of the tropical rainforest in Indonesia, sending the soil in a downward spiral that it cannot recover from quickly.
  • Respiratory problems
  • Smoke and air pollution
  • Climate change
  • Affect species
Do you consider the technique to be a successful technique in the areas it is done?

The slash and burn technique isn’t successful in the areas where it’s done, it’s destructive because farmers can’t repeat the technique in the same area of land many times. This causes the fertility in soil to be vanished in one to four years. Then farmers will need to use this technique over and over again to get new fertile land. This gives off large quantities of CO2 which add up to an 8% of global emissions. If farmers, instead, kept cultivating the same plot of land where they applied this technique, the loop of destruction would be stopped.

Should MEDC's do something about LEDC's practices?
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