Ebola How did ebola affect AFRICA'S economy and how did ebola spread? Anthony Arnholt

Ebola was a catastrophic event that killed thousands of people. But how did it affect West Africa economically? To first understand the effects of Ebola, one must know what Ebola is. Ebola is a virus that is only spread through direct contact with an infected person. The first outbreak of Ebola was a man on a plane travelling from liberia to lagos. The disease then spread from the unaware passengers to their villages thus continuing the spread of Ebola.

Ebola virus through a microscope view.

Ebola has existed for more than 35 years but the biggest outbreak occurred in 2014 in West Africa. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone were the top 3 economically crippled countries in West Africa due to ebola and the 3 countries are all located next to each other. Many africans got ebola when they touched bush meat because some of the animals that they were intending to eat had Ebola. Bushmeat is the meat of a wild African animal. Officials encouraged africans to not eat bushmeat however bushmeat was the only meat that most africans could get causing Ebola to spread despite the government's warning.


It is estimated that Sierra Leone, guinea, and Liberia lost an estimated 1.6 billion dollars due to the expenses that Ebola has caused for them. West Africa's tourism has decreased since the Ebola outbreak by 30 percent. Gambias economy relies heavily on tourism. It is located in Senegal which is the country above Liberia. It is estimated that its economy went down by 50-60 percent.

In total the world bank declared that West Africa's economy has declined by 5.5 percent and they say that it will be a long time before their economy will heal.


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