Happy Birthday Pooja Srinivasan

A love letter

Baby u never asked anything to me as ur wish.. but first time.. u wanted me to write a letter for your birthday..

An e-letter

But u know bby..am bad at writing😝 so here is my e-letter for u. 😘

The first talk

This is the first pic which i fell in love with u.. but its not the way u look..its the way talked thats when I actually started to love u bby

An angel

Without wings🙁

But butterfly dont need wings
Hey Princess

Baby on this day..i dont know what and all gift u will recieve.. but i know what gift i got.. As i always say,

U are such a precious gift in my life baby
I love ur hair smell ❤️
A day with u

When i turn back in my life, the days which i spent with you, are the best days , gives golden memories and the important thing is.. am being myself with u.. the accept the way however am..

See my part is bigger than yours 😝
Crazy things u do

Whenever i have a bad day, u never forgot to make me laugh by doing ur crazy things

Ena idhu 😂 ila ena idhu nu kekra 🙄🖕🏻
You care me

The way u care me..bbe seriously i never felt the care the way u doing with anyone..thats why i always used to compare u with my mum

U are mera teddy bear 🐻
U cook

Babe one more thing u are gifted with ur amazing cooking skill.. am lucky to have u as my wife and keep rocking hun

Idhella oru pose uh😂 bday nu pakra..
U understand the situation

Baby whatever i scold u or whatever u fight, u understand the situation and u adopt urself according to that.. u are my typical understanding girlfriend

Vanakam 🙏🏻This is Pooja Srinivasan from News 7channel 🤓
U are smart

Babe, u are the solution to my dilemma always.. u guide me in the correct path and when it comes to career, no one can support me as like u do..smartypie

U can read my mind right 😒
Smiling Princess

Babe u have the best smile and it will make even a sober to smile and shine like u

Eee katlam..eeee matume kata kudadhu 🙄
Sunshine u are

Baby as i said at our starting days, u are my sunshine which falls on my fav book on a vintage coffee shop with only one rose pot and cycle

Pretty, isn't it?
Fuck, u are hot

XxxxxxMia leonexxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx **censor cut *** beep **** xxxx xxxxxx .. But i prefer to say u are beautiful than hot bby..

No caption needed 🔥 nerupu da nerunguda papom💯🔥
U ruling me

Bbe the way u dominate me..and i too act like scared. Haha babe u are soo cute when u dominate and order me

You:  podaaang pey payale!!😑 Me: Thittite iruka 😒
The way u show ur attitude 😍
Our beach days😻
No matter what

I know bby these days we have been fighting a lot..but bby day by day the love over u increasing only..

U are still mine

The best thing about us is.. whenever we fight, we solve it in that day itself bbe..the next morning we wil start fresh

With our crazy stuff again👻
At any cost

Baby as i said earlier, u are gifted with many things..born gifted u are..and u gave me urself as a gift.. i wont lose my gift at any cost..

Sorry, i left then the other hand
Best feel ever 😍❤️
I ❤️ you
Distance doesn't matter

Baby we fell in love with each other before we met.. so we know this distance, dating and all is just another couples thing..

Facetime became an habbit 🙂
Network bitch...🖕🏻 you cant separate us
Happee bday my Pretty Princess

I dont wanna waste ur time on this precious day.. I wish u many more happy returns of this day baby girl..


I will be with u in all ur ups and downs bby.. will guide u throughout ur life and my kind request.. avoid crying for silly things bby

Am there !!
I promise you..trust me bbe
Stay pretty!! Stay blessed baby

The End

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