HSM GIVE Christmas 2016

This Christmas Season we are partnering with World Vision in helping children & families that are in need.

Goal 1: Clean Water for 2 Families

Your gift provides families with clean water that lasts! Clean water frees children from deadly water-related diseases. It liberates women and children from a life spent gathering dirty water. It restores health and opens the door to education, a promising future, and a full life – the kind of life God intends.

Children are often forced to walk many miles every day to get water that can make them sick — or worse. Unsafe water contributes to more child deaths than AIDS and malaria combined.

The good news is World Vision is reaching a new person with clean water every 30 seconds!

Although World Vision is the largest nongovernmental provider of clean water in the developing world, there are millions of people still in need. EVERY child deserves clean water, and we’re passionate about following the example of Jesus in helping the poorest of the poor.

World Vision’s clean water work is more than just drilling wells – it also provides:

* Education on hygiene and sanitation so that children and families stay healthy

* Training community volunteers on proper maintenance and repair of water points

* Building of latrines and hand washing stations

* And much more!

Goal 2: 1 Goat & 2 Chickens for 5 Families

With a pair of chickens & a goat, you'll provide a steady supply of eggs, milk, & meat to feed children and help families. We've paired our most popular animals so you can give 2 or more struggling families a gift they'll never forget.

A dairy goat can give up to 16 cups of milk a day. Goat's milk is easier to digest than cow's milk and is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients that growing children need. Goats are practical animals — flourishing in harsh climates while producing valuable manure to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens.

Chickens are equally easy to raise and will naturally multiply to impact generations of children. Each family that receives chickens is asked to give back hatched chicks to help another family in need. Chicks require little money, space, or food to thrive and grow — making them an ideal business venture for a single mom or vulnerable family.

Total Group Goal: $1000

*All donations are due no later than December 18th, 2016

*If donating by check, please make it out to 'Hope Community Church'.

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