Predicting what happened to countries after WWII

World War II was essentially made up of two groups, the Axis Powers, and the Allied Powers. These two groups had their own set of countries which gives it the name World War II.
Pearl harbor was an example of how WWII affected many countries including America. Pearl Harbor was the bombing of Japanese forces on American civilians and troops.
Not only did Pearl Harbor forcefully bring America into the war but it also was changed the outcome because America defeated Japan and ended WWII.
Russia was apart of the Allied Powers and wanted the revenge during WWII because Adolf Hitler stabbed Russia in the back right after they made a peace agreement.
India played another key role in WWII, Britain sent in 2.5 million Indian troops to fight in WWII and after the war won their independence.
Italy was on the opposing side of America called the Axis Powers along with Japan and Germany. Italy was initially lead by Benito Mussolini until he was arrested and Italy signed a armistice with the Allied Powers.
Germany was another country involved with WWII. Many people hated the dictator Hitler however he lead the nation to kill millions of Jews thus Starting WWII and leaving Germany forever scared.
Japan was the last country in the Axis powers and joining sides with Germany where able to fend of troops until america forcefully bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki leaving Japanese citizens devastated with nuclear radiation for years to come.


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