New York Underground Cristian Garcia Period 3

Runaway - Del Shannon

"I'm a-walkin' in the rain, tears are fallin' and I feel the pain, wishin' you were here by me, to end this misery." This song relates to Holden because he is very lonely when he goes to New York. It fits the scene especially when he is in the hotel thinking about Jane. The tone of the song is sombre and that is the way Holden feels. "I got old Jane Gallagher on the brain. I got her on and I couldnt get her off."

New York To Nowhere - Mxpx

Lyrics - Going nowhere fast, watching cars go past, Why won't the snow melt faster?This trip is a disaster, 16 hour drive, just played in some dive, New York to nowhere, we're never gonna get there, A million miles away from everyone I know, Stuck here night and day with 5 more days to go.

"Going nowhere fast, watching cars go past, Why won't the snow melt faster? This trip is a disaster." This song relates to Holden because he is frustrated with with school so he goes to New York. The pessimistic tone of the singers voice matches how Holden is thinking in chapter 6. "This time it was was different. I just didnt feel like it." When Holden is on the train he doesnt really want to be there.

Its My Life - No Doubt

"It's funny how I find myself, In love with you, If I could buy my reasoning, I'd pay to lose." This song relates to Holden because he has feelings for Jane but feels awkward towards them. "I would'nt exactly describe her as strictly beautiful. She knocked me out though." The lyric from the song fits because if Holden found out why things the way they are, he'd pay for the easy way out.

The Missing Frame - AFI

"So please don't wake me till someone cares, Now no one cares, One at a time, I watched them all forget, One at a time, I'm lost in little deaths, It's the place that I, I forget my life." This song relates to Holden because he thinks nobody really gets him. It also fits the scene when Holden gets off the train and immediately wants somebody to call but knows the person wont pick up. "As soon as I was inside , I could'nt think of anybody to call up."

I Miss You - Blink-182

"This sick strange darkness, Comes creeping on so haunting every time, And as I stare I counted, The webs from all the spiders, Catching things and eating their insides, Like indecision to call you." This song relates to Holden because he has a hard time making decisions that affect the way people think about him."Im so damn absent minded, I was going to shack up in a hotel for a couple of days." It fits the scene when he gets off the the train and makes the decision not to call anyone because they wouldnt understand his problems.

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