My 2nd Grade Classroom By: heather falke

This is going to my my classroom door. When the students walk though my door they will know they are entering camp learn -a-lot. In my window I will put out books that we will be reading within my classroom so the students and others will know what we are reading for story time.
This will be my bulletin board on the outside of my classroom and when the students read AR books they will be able to make a s'more. Each layer of the s'more will represent one book. The students will write the title of the book they read and their name. When they make three full s'mores in a certain amount of time will be rewarded. This will hopefully motivate others to read more AR books.
This would be on the wall alongside the hallway (but in the classroom) and the students would hang their back packs and coats on.
Obviously this would say Falke instead of Johnson.. But when the students walk into my classroom, they would first see my desk.
One the other side of my desk would be the SmartBoard. I would have interactive lessons and stories on here to help my students benefit. I would also like to have a white board on the other side of my smart board so I could write on it when needed.
Looking out from the front of the room, you would see this. There are the students desk and in the baskets are extra supplies that the students might need when doing different activities. I would fill their baskets depending on what they needed that day. In the back of the room there are cubbies, they are labeled by the days of the week going across and then the subjects going down. The students will turn in homework into these cubbies. This will save time in the morning instead of collecting homework, the students can just turn it into the correct cubby.
This would be in one of my corners of my room for students to have a quiet place to read. If they are done with all homework or we have free time a few students can come over here and quietly read their AR books.
I would have this hanging somewhere in my room also so students can see if they have papers that belong to them up there. I would put these up prior to grading so everyone can't see the grades on the papers. I would let the papers hang for one week. After that and no one has claimed the paper, then it goes in the recycling bin.
These would also be in my room so the students know the "camp rules" and know what's expected of them and there no questions asked.
Hopefully this is my future classroom one day and my students are motivated and learn a lot. I hope that I have a great class every year and love my job forever!!!

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