City of the Beasts Visual essay by lydia stancavage

Throughout human kind, nature, and whatever else is in the world, we all rely on each other through relationships. The people of the mist are a very secretive and traditional tribe in the Amazon. They reveal that they have symbiotic relationship with ancient beasts that live in a huge mountain. By analyzing this relationship i will find that through all relationships they need each other to survive, protect each other, and have a mutual bond of respect. In the book City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende, she tries to make the point in relationships each party needs the other to make it work by evaluating the relationship between the beasts and the Indians. The following describes how they need each other.

" 'I read once that the gods need humans as much as humans need their gods.' replied Alex" (Allende 263)

The Indians have provided food for the beasts in time of need.

The beasts know all of the Indians history and culture.

Isabel Allende is trying to say that in real relationship, you really need each other. Next is realizing how they protect one another.

The beasts will kill the humans if they become a threat to the Indians.

The beasts let the Indians come to their tepui to hide.

The Indians don't let anyone know where the beast live.

Protecting each other is an important role in a great bond. Lastly we will look at how they have mutual respect for one another.

Upon meeting the beasts in the tepui, Walimai bows before them.

" 'Padre Valdomero lived with the Indians. The beasts must have identified the scent and so didn't attack him' " (Allende275)

The beasts have allowed the Indians to be with them in the tepui.

It is important to respect each other in a relationship in order to gain trust. Isabel Allende shows that in relationships, you need each other to make it strong by analyzing the relationship between the beasts and the people of the mist in the book City of the Beasts. The relationship between the beasts and the Indians shows that they need each other, they protect each other, and they have a mutual bond. This analysis shows what is important in relationships and what you need in a strong and real relationship proven by Allende.

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