Inject Creativity LIVE Deep Dive With Tim Kitchen and new co-host Erin Raethke - 17th June 2020

The 30 minute chat show recording is available below:

Hosted by Dr Tim Kitchen and, on my first night as the new co-host... Erin Raethke (ME! Gosh.)

First up: Lauren Sayer

ACL & Director of Digital Learning at Haileybury College.

Lauren showcased some examples from her staff and students using Spark while learning remotely.

They embedded the links from the student projects into their Learning Management System (LMS), creating a one-stop-shop to be able to embellish and upgrade content without programming experience needed.

Through the use of images and video, they engaged students and parents by creating simple, accessible resources to demystify the process of learning from home

Not content with the wellbeing of parents and students, they also curated a check-in page for the wellness of staff as well:

Flatteringly, her school was asked if some of their resources were made by professional IT experts or videographers... it was all Adobe Spark!

The above video is a creative take on stop-motion storytelling about wellness during physical distancing.

Tim has a record of the school's one-minute challenge on his blog; link is below:

Next: Paul McClean

Education Consultant and Director of Rare Innovation in New Zealand

His motivation and challenge:

Digital Mastery is where learners are inspired by educators who facilitate, configure and tune an enriching learning environment that fosters entrepreneurial pursuits, enables a learners ideas to become the currency for their futures and or community development
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Erin Raethke


Created with images by Alex Holyoake - "Mural of woman’s neon face" • Simon Abrams - "View" • Marius Masalar - "untitled image"