Fashion 2 Digital Portfolio KAty Chadwell

Housing project

To learn about housing and how houses were made and the structure of them, we made houses out of craft sticks and plaster. Overall this taught me the complexity of building a house and provided information for me in the future when I may build a house.

Stitch book

To learn different stitches and how to do them we practiced many different kinds, These are my best 5. This taught me how to make each stitch right before sewing real things.

Designer replica

We picked a designer which i did Calvin Klein and did a replica of their outfits. we could choose anything to make it out of and I chose balloons. This taught me how to make cloths from other and look at a picture and make whats in it.

Fabric testing

We did tests on many different fabrics to see what can handle what such as what fabrics can get rid of stains faster or burns faster. This taught me about each fabric and which would be the better choice.

Weaving Project

We took a loom and yarn and weaved three different patterns. This was to teach us how to weave and the different ways it can look.


we made dresses with the top of the dress as t-shirt. This was to teach us how to sew real clothes but also use a serge.

cosmetic bag

We made a cosmetic beg with any two fabrics we wanted. This also taught us how to sew and also how to quilt things.

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