week 3 - term 3a

We are learning about the 7 continents. We are learning a song to help us remember the size and the names. We have found out that a continent is a group of countries to make up a large area of land. We also discussed what an island was, some of us thought it had to be a place a long way away. We were surprise to find it was a place that. Was surrounded by water. Great Britain is an island!

We pretended to be Alex from App. We gave one another instructions, directions and positions and worked in paners, it was a lot trickier than we thought. We kept on forgetting to urn our characters.

Also in maths we are developing our understanding of bar models. Some of us can write the inverse and use commutative law to write 4 mans stories. Some of us can write a maths story using ‘ty’, using the information we have already.

3 + 7 = 10, so 30 +70 =100.