WGPS Newsletter November 2020

Lockdown 2

So, we start another lockdown which is quite different to the one in March 2020. We are impressed with the children's attendance - which is 98% this week, absolutely brilliant!

I'm sure that as a community we can beat this together to ensure the lockdown is lifted on the 2nd December along with everyone being able to enjoy Christmas and visit our loved ones. It is going to mean children not playing out after school and households not visiting each other unless for support within a bubble.

The number of cases and hospital admissions are rising quickly in Barnsley. On 28th August there were 1,276 cases reported, by 4th November there were 25,177 cases. On average in August there were 5 confirmed cases per day, in September it was 18 and in October it was 144 cases per day. The 7 day rate of new COVID-19 infections in Barnsley has risen from below 100 per 100,000 to 507.6 per 100,00.

Please follow the public health guidance at all times as well as the restrictions introduced for the Lockdown - fines are being enforced for anyone not following the restrictions.

Public Health advice is to :-

  • Maintain physical distancing - try to stay at least 2 metres away from people you dont usually live with.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Wear face coverings where required.
  • Book a test and self-isolate straight away if yu do have any symptoms of coronavirus.

We can do this together - everyone at school will help as much as we can!


We have a very busy month ahead of us, here are some important dates and what we have planned.

9.11.2020 Crafty Christmas Enterprise Challenge

As we are unable to hold a Christmas Fair this Year, Monday 9th November will be the beginning of our Crafty Christmas Enterprise challenge. Each class will have an amount of money to buy resources to make individual gifts based around a Christmas theme. The children will be involved in deciding the theme, researching possible items to make along with pricing and making the items. Let the Christmas magic begin! Designs will be judged on 14th December and there will be prizes for each class for the best design.

Remembrance Day - 11.11.2020

This week the children have been making poppies in various crafts in readiness for Remembrance Day on 11.11.2020.

They have created an excellent and poignant display of remembrance outside the school entrance.

Children In Need - 13.11.2020

For Children In Need this year, all children are invited to wear anything with spots with a £1 donation for Children In Need. We will also be holding a 5 to thrive campaign by Jo Wicks, please click here for more information on the Children in Need website.

Friendship Week - 16.11.2020

In school, our lessons will have positive spin on anti bullying week to promote the positives of friendship and kindness.

To also raise awareness for autism this week we are inviting children to come to school wearing silly or odd socks all week!

Christmas dinner - 9.12.2020 & 10.12.2020

This year, we endeavour to deliver our annual christmas events as we have in previous years, however there will be some amendments due to our Covid procedures and social distancing .

Our annual christmas dinner will be delivered over two days, therefore we are requesting that those pupils who are not participating in the hot meal that day bring a packed lunch. Any child who receives free school meals will be provided with the option of a school packed lunch on this day, alternatively they can bring a meal from home. By introducing these procedures we are still able to offer our Christmas dinner. If it is your childs' christmas dinner day and they do not wish to have a hot meal they will be required to bring sandwiches, as the only hot mail option will be the christmas dinner.

The dates for the christmas dinner are below:

FS2 & KS1 = Wednesday 9th December

On this day KS2 (Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6) will be required to bring a pack lunch to school.

KS2 = Thursday 10th December

FS2 and KS1 (Reception, Y1, Y2) will be required to bring a pack lunch to school.

Save the Children - 11.12.2020

Children are invited to school wearing a Christmas jumper for a donation of £1 to go to save the children.

Party Day - 18.12.2020

Friday 18th December will be our party day. The day will be fun filled with Christmas activities and include a "Happy Meal' at lunchtime. The children will be offered a choice of chicken goujons or burger with curly fries, a drink and Christmas ginger bread man. This will be delivered in a party box. A vegetarian option will also be available.

What's been happening in school?

Our year 3's have been busy filling their time capsule. It has now been buried in hope that people of the future find our lockdown diaries and photos intriguing. Thanks to Barnsley Chronicle for coming to capture the moment!

We have now challenged Year 3 to design a sign that will inform everyone about their time capsule - we will then have it professionally made!

Our year 1's had a fabulous day at their Royal Banquet.

All our foundation stage took part in an outdoor classroom day filled of lots of fun in the autumnal leaves!

We returned to school to a lovely surprise. Every class has their very own worry monster to chase those troubles away!

We've had a spooktacular day at Ward Green Primary to end the half term! We finished the day with a pumpkin competition! Mr Wilson chose Mr Honeymans/Mr Fords class as the winners!

Our year 2's loved their Victorian Day. They got dressed up and spent the whole day re creating a Victorian school day.


Created with an image by Olga Subach - "50 shades of autumn"