Let The Signs Do The Talking A Story Told by photos - courtesy of blurr

How can a report or story told by the Media not be biased?

That's the question so many of us are asking in the worlds current climate. We have all the information seemingly available at our fingertips - but how do we know who to trust and what content to consume?

Social Media certainly isn't seen as a credible, trustworthy source at present.

How about letting someone else tell the story?

The recent women's marches across the world have been heavily reported and documented - both in praise and criticism.

But where is the voice of these actually marching? Why are they marching? And why do they associate themselves with the signs they hold?

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, and that's exactly how this story will be told. No gimmies, no bull-shit, just a close up look at the signs the people hold - and what they exactly mean.

Macro Vision : Micro Agenda

When marches and protests are organized - the motives are often generalized to a very small number of specific reasons. The media often focus and hone in on these reasons - which can undoubtedly skew the true meaning of the march, and what is actually going on there.

There's no better way to highlight the vast level of diversity and difference in why people are actually marching than through the signs they choose to make and hold. This is their war paint, these are the colors they're choosing to display to the world and be judged by. They sat down the night before and wrote, painted and designed these signs in a level headed solace. These aren't spur of the moment chants or emotionally driven rants - their signs represents them and is the best, the only way to really tell their story.

A sea of signs and stories - all unique and different. Lets take a bit of a closer look...

Its All About The Issues. Only The Issues.

Some just genuinely care. There's no finding a reason to march because its cool, there's just a pure concern and passion about issues this individual feels strongly about. They document the issues, and tell everyone this is exactly the reason they're marching. Everyone has issues with the world, few will so explicitly spell them out.
The issues matter. The sign screams "This is what I believe in, and this is what I want my country to look like." Indefinitely hinting that these are currently lacking in their country and life - this isn't a sign filled with hate, it's a sign filled with hope and care.

Do I Really Hate You? Or Am I Just Jumping On The Band Wagon?

Albeit, while many individuals come to a march for different reasons - there are often underlying themes that gain significant traction and dwarf everything else. This often brings the numbers, and individuals who will 'jump on the band wagon' per say and display their agenda in a more light-hearted way. These represent that person and define their voice - whether they truly mean what their sign portrays is another question. Pictures are worth a 1000 words, just if the people in the picture could talk they may find they aren't at the march for truly the right reasons.

It's 2017, How Have We Not Figured It Out?

Those who have no hope pass their old age shrouded with an inward gloom

Wilfred Owen

The sign may, at first glance, indicate sarcastic despair. But its far from that. It's open-ended, open-minded and open-willed. If that doesn't justify it, then the ecstatic swinging of the American flag definitely does.

Don't just sit by and watch..

As this person knows all to well..

"Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it"

Winston Churchill

Patience, Consistency, Fight

The diversity of agendas and reasons for marching is evident through even a few signs. However, the macro-vision behind why so many are brought together to march are within the same core values. Effect, change, and ultimately hope. Cannot be shown more clearly than through these signs.


"And we are not going"

The hands on the hips mean business. Anything worthwhile takes time, and the person holding this sign knows that all to well.


"Well behaved women rarely make history"

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich - 1976

If something is shouted loud enough and wide enough - people will take notice. This is relaying a repeated, but still incredibly powerful quote.


Once again, the un-deniable hope that transpires across these signs is noticeable. A set-back isn't a failure, its a mere roadblock. The person holding this sign breeds optimism for all, and doesn't look like that will be breaking whatever the scenario.

These people are brought together for many individual reasons, but ultimately end up having the same shared experience. They are differentiated in agenda, but connected by time, place and vision. When this happens, as this sign so fittingly puts it...

"Anything Is Possible"

Life is just a collection of shared experiences and memories. Capturing these moments tells stories - and there's none more raw and authentic than one captured by the people themselves. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words - a story captured by the people living and breathing it is worth much, much more than that.

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