J.R. Briggs Newsletter September 11, 2019

Curriculum Night Is Thursday, September 12th!

Curriculum Night is quickly approaching. Please join your child's teachers as they present an outlook on the year, explain many classroom procedures, and give you an overall idea of what a day looks like in their room/grade. Just a few reminders for those that are able to attend:

  • These are class or grade level presentations. Please save individual student questions for Parent Conferences in October.
  • There is childcare in the cafeteria for school aged children. We want to allow the teachers to speak to the adults that are visiting for the evening, so students are asked to stay in the cafe.
  • The 5th-grade Camp Cody (formerly Nature's Classroom) presentation is scheduled for 7:30 PM in the 5th-grade pod.
  • There will be a Ready, Set, Glow! raffle table at Curriculum Night in the lobby. Some of the interesting items include museum passes, amusement park tickets, being principal for the day, etc... Ticket are 2 for $1.00, 10 for $5.00, and 30 for $10.00.

If you have any questions about the night please email jrboffice@awrsd.org

Ready, Set, Glow!

Even though the T-Shirt sales are complete, you can still register for the event using the form below. There may be some availability for T-Shirts at the event using a first come, first served process.

Art Information
Music/Chorus/Band News

JRB Music news:

CHORUS NEWS: The JRB Chorus will begin rehearsing this Friday, September 13th BEFORE school from 7:30-8:20am in the music room. If your child did not yet sign up and would like to join Chorus, please email Mrs. Lordan immediately at: mlordan@awrsd.org. She will send you a confirmation to let you know your child is registered and is able to attend Friday’s rehearsal. Here is the flyer link for more information:


For RETURNING BAND STUDENTS, Advanced Band rehearsals began today, Wednesday, 9/11, AFTER school from 3-4pm, and every Wednesday thereafter, on the stage. If your child is a returning band member and is not registered, please email Mrs. Lordan at: mlordan@awrsd.org

Jazz Band will eventually follow from 4-5pm, with START DATE TBD.

If returning band members are still in need of lessons, please email Mrs. Lordan directly: mlordan@awrsd.org

For NEW BAND STUDENTS, Beginner Band rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays AFTER school, START DATE TBA, from 3-4pm, on the stage. New musicians need a few weeks of lessons under their belts before rehearsing with the rest of the band. We are hoping to begin LESSONS the week of September 16th. It is required that all band students take either private or small group lessons on their instrument, which cost $20 for each private 30-minute lesson per week (group rates generally run at $10 per 30-minute lesson). We offer mostly after school lessons here at JRB, but some instructors may offer before school lessons as well.

There are 2 steps in beginning a new instrument:

Please order your instrument rental online if needed at: https://davidfrenchmusic.com or by calling (508) 366-5994 by this Thurs., Sept. 12th, so that instruments can be delivered to JRB on Sept. 16th in order to begin lessons that week. If you order after this date, we can certainly accommodate you!

Please sign up for lessons using the following link:



JRB also offers lessons for students in grades K-5 for voice, piano, guitar, ukulele and violin. If your child is interested in lessons for any of these instruments, please email Mrs. Lordan at mlordan@awrsd.org, and she will put you in touch with an instructor who has openings for that instrument.

Some 3rd-Grade Thoughts

Thanks to a community family, 3C has been observing the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. We have watched each phase, from the eggs, to caterpillar, to observing them eat, and eat, and eat while they grew. Then we saw them create their chrysalis and even were there while they EMERGED!

3 Monarch butterflies were released into the pollanating gardens, so far, and we have a few more to go!

Thanks, "H" family!!

A New Way To Collect Boxtops

Our 1st collection for Boxtops will be next Thursday, September 19th. Students may bring their collected Boxtops to their classroom at any time! Monies earned from collecting Boxtops help the PTA offer mini grants to educators and supplement PTA programs through the year! Thank you!

Dates To Know...
  • September 12- Curriculumn Night- 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
  • September 27- Ready, Set, Glow!
  • September 30- No School
  • October 1- School Pictures
  • October 9- Walk To School Day
  • October 10- 1/2 Day- Parent Conferences
  • October 14- No School-Columbus Day
  • October 17- 1/2 Day- Parent Conferences
Your Input Is Needed

In addition to the forum, you can also provide your feedback by completing the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AshWest

Community News

Continue to follow us through our social media outlets. We love trying to show you what is going on at school as much as we can. Look for the Good News Call Of The Day this year as well.

As always, please reach out to us if you need anything. We are readily available via email, so do not hesitate to click below.

Here, at JRB!