The Mongol Empire Chapter 17 lesson

The Mongol's were nomads who moved around present day Mongolia. They were divided by clans. They were outstanding at horseback riding. Children started riding horses at age 4! The Mongols were also skilled at horseback fighting, archery, sword fighting, and spear fighting.

Genghis Khan

A warrior named Temujin was elected Genghis Khan which means strong ruler. He unified the Mogol clans and made a legal code. He created a strong army and they were placed in units. Under Genghis Khan, the Mongols ruled the largest land empire in history. They fought with terror.

Just a Small Piece of the Mongol Empire

After Genghis Khan died, his grandson replaces him. His name was Kublai Khan. Under Kublai's rule, the Mongols took over all of China and started an new dynasty, the Yuan dynasty.

Here are some definitions from this lesson.

Steppes: an area of wide grassy plains that stretch from the Black Sea to northern China

Terror: Violent acts that are meant to cause fear.

Marco Polo came to China during the rule of Kubliah Khan. He wrote about how magnificent the capital city of Khanbaliq. Marco Polo lived in China for 16 years.

Marco Polo
The End


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