Lindsay Navick Excels in Creative Writing By Gracie Gorman, Alison fair and shannon jordan

Some students view writing as a chore, something they have to do in order to pass a class, but vice president of the Creative Writing Club at Walpole High School Lindsay Navick is different. Lindsay spends her Thursday afternoons after school in room 2129 writing poems, short stories and other forms of creative writing. Navick read some of her original pieces created in Creative Writing Club at a poetry night on Nov. 20.

She recited three of her original poems “After Happily Ever After” inspired by her favorite shows "The Flash" and "Once Upon A Time." This poem was about never reaching happily ever after but having moments in life which are happy. Her second poem “Toes on the Line” was inspired by her own life and her tendency to try to act a certain way in order to stay out of trouble. The third poem that she read was “Untouchable” about people focusing on one aspect of their life so much that they lose sight of everything else.

There are about ten students that regularly participate in the Creative Writing Club and many of them participated in the poetry reading. Many poets recited original poems that they have been working on throughout the fall. Poets, parents and students went to Barnes and Noble in order to support the club and hear the original poems.

Navick reads her original poem at poetry night (Photo/ Ali Fair).

“I thought the poets did a great job, they performed their poems with confidence and they offered a lot of original and insightful works,” adviser of the Creative Writing Club, Peter Salmans said.

Navick has been involved in the creative writing program for three years. She first got involved in the program during her first year at Walpole High.

“I was in Mr. Salmans' class freshman year for English, and he was talking about it and I’ve always liked creative writing, so I joined then, and I’ve stuck with it ever since,” Navick said.

Last year Navick’s hard work and dedication paid off when she received an award for her excellence in writing. She received honorable mention for a piece she submitted to the Scholastic Art & Writing Award Contest.

"I was surprised and honored, but I write for enjoyment not awards," Navick said.

She submitted a set of five poems which won her the award. The award winning poem, titled “Even The Sky Cries,” is about humans tendency to hide tears from others while the rain is essentially the sky crying.

"Even the sky cries is probably my favorite poem," Navick said. "I like connecting human emotions to nature. It was raining when I wrote it. It just sticks with me."

Another poem in the set of five was “Bubbles.” This poem was written in the shape of a bubble and was about humans trying to protect themselves by staying within a bubble, but also that this is an impossible task. The third poem titled “Painting Of Life” was a comparison between paintings and real life. The fourth was titled “Because There Are No Words” and is about the power of language and the difficulty in making sense of the world during youth because there are no words to describe it. The final poem was “After Happily Ever After,” which she also read at the poetry reading.

The Creative Writing Club has grown from a very small number of people when the club was started in 2016 to now a steady group of around 10 who consistently attend the weekly meetings. The club hopes to expand and grow even larger for the coming years.

Navick and her peers work hard in Creative Writing Club (Photo/ Shannon Jordan).

The Creative Writing Club has brought many students together to help each other become better writers. Students from all grades at Walpole High have been able to come together with a common interest to write using their imagination.

“Being able to write with a group of people who are really enthusiastic about writing is really great,” Navick said.

Navick’s writing and leadership in the club has had a positive effect on the rest of the Creative Writing Club. She is able to create her own pieces while helping out others and making others better writers as well as improving her own writing.

“Lindsay is a great addition to the creative writing program because she almost always has something to workshop and always provides insightful ideas and comments for other people’s poems and she really helps everyone out,” sophomore Renee Abbott said.

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