Love Sick By: Jake Coburn

The book is about this boy named Ted and he used to be a former alcoholic and how he spies on this girl Carrie around a collage from her father. As the story goes on Carrie finally notices Ted and then they start to talk. After that the both released that they had feelings for each other so Ted decided not to spy on Carrie even if her dad was mad at him.

When I first started the book it took me a little bit to get into the book. When I got about half way in the book I got into the book a lot better because the action started picking up. The book is a little confusing because it does have a lot of flash backs.

Love sick is a continuous story and in some parts it can just drag on but it helps understand the story later. At the beginning it starts off that Ted is driving and he crashing it because it was drunk and was driving from a friends house and then it get interrupted by his dad. Most of the story is revolved around Carrie and Ted but it shifts to see both of there viewpoint on something.

Through out the book Ted it always has Ted thinking of why he would drink and drive and that he just whats to focus on getting his scholarship back and how he what's to turn his life around. Where as Carrie is her calm and normal self though out the story and she only worries about her self.

I think the ending could of been a little bit more happy then very sad and how it just leaves you wondering what would happen next.

Over all the book was really good and I would really what to read it again. The only thing I would change about it's how the ending ends.

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