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The headshot

It's all in the eyes.

So you are an actor and looking to get casting directors attention, right?

Your Headshots is your calling card. It has only seconds to convince an art director or agency to contact you for that audition or photoshoot you want. The most important thing here is attitude, what your eyes convey can capture the viewers attention.

If you want to be taken seriously then you must have a good, high quality, killer headshot.

Theatrical and Commercial Headshots
Business or Corporate Headshots

Go Pro

Spend the money. It's worth it. As a professional, I understand lighting, composition and camera angles to make sure you look your best. Retouching should be minimal, so flattering light is very important.

Always go for personality over glamour. It's not about looking pretty, it's about representing your type, age and wrinkles included. The director wants to see that you look like your photo. Simple make up, classy and basic clothing. Solid colors, no whites or prints. It's all about you and showing off your best.

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