A Day In The Life Of A Type 1 Diabetic

Type one diabetics are usually diagnosed as children. The unique thing about type one diabetics is that they no longer produce insulin. Insulin is created in the pancreas which allows you to use glucose which is our main source of energy. Although there is no cure to type one diabetes it can easily be managed by taking insulin shots, exercising, and dieting. Your genes as well as your environmental atmosphere that you grow up in. Not all diabetes are hereditary.
Type one diabetes causes: increased thirst, more frequent urination, sugar found in urine, they find it harder to breathe, increased appetite, as well as a sudden weight loss.
Being a type one diabetic is definitely easier than being a type two diabetic. The best foods for diabetics to eat are: beans, dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruit, sweet potatoes, berries, tomatoes, fish high in omega-3 fatty acids (like salmon), Whole grains, nuts, fat-free yogurt, and milk. Many people believe that you should have a low carb diet but that is not the case. You should have just maintain a healthy diet but your carbs depend on how active you are. Like an active diabetic can have up to 70 carbs. They should only have 45-60 grams per meal and no more than 180 grams per day. A plate of food for a diabetic should contain 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch, and 1/2 non starchy vegetables. The ratio of percentage of grams in the diet for diabetic should be: 55:20:25 (carbs: fats: protein). Nutrient dense cabs are recommended.
The A1c test is a blood test that helps to provide information about a person's average blood sugar over the course of 3 months. By the end of the three months your A1c level should be 6.5 percent or above. A type one diabetic should test their blood sugar four to eight times a day using a glucometer. Blood sugar before a meal: 80-130 Blood sugar after a meal: under 180
For type one diabetics it is very important that you balance your insulin doses with the activity and food you eat. It is also very important to get exercise and stay active throughout the day. The only down side to exercise is it lowers your blood sugar which could cause a diabetic to feel nauseous or even pass out. Type one diabetics should have water or a snack just in case their blood sugar drops.
"When I work, a lot of times I have to lose weight, and I do that, but in my regular life I was not eating right, and I was not getting enough exercise. But by the nature of my diet and that lifestyle - boom! The end result was high blood sugars that reach the levels where it becomes Type 2 diabetes. I share that with a gajillion other people" Tom Hanks
"I was determined to share my positive approach and not let diabetes stand in the way of enjoying my life" Paula Deen

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