Should student athletes in college focus more on academics Isabella Nota Pd. 7

When you focus more on athletics,

Your less likely to get a good grade on a test.

But if you focus more on academics and study,

Your more likely to do well on your test and get a good grade which will increase your chances of a good job.

Academics or Athletics?

Academics or athletics? Some college student athletes focus more on academics, while others focus more on athletics. They both offer pros to these student athletes, but one of the two is a better choice to focus on. So, which one is better? Student athletes in college should focus more on academics than athletics because most athletes don’t play professionally, can’t play sports forever, and focusing on academics benefits them in the future.

Most student athletes in college don’t go on to play professionally. Statistically, one out of 25 student athletes will actually end up playing professionally [Staff Writers, p.2]. That isn’t a lot, and even though some players might want to play professionally in the sport the love, it’s not reality. Those students should always focus more on academics for a back-up just in case something goes wrong. Also, if the a student athlete gets lucky enough to play professionally, they could get injured in the sport and never be able to play again. If that student doesn’t have a good education or wasn’t serious in the classroom with their grades, they won’t have many job opportunities available to them. Although, some may say there are some student athletes that will end up playing professionally and won’t need to have a good education, there is a slim chance and it’s good to have a backup.

Student athletes also can’t play sports forever. There comes a point in time when players become too old to play in the sport they’ve been playing in for years. The average age that professional athletes retire at is 33 [Tala Hadavi, p.1]. Sometimes they have an attitude and none of the coaches want them so they might be forced to retire early. Another possibility is, sometimes athletes get injured early in the season and either can’t play for a long time, or their injury could be so bad that they just can’t continue playing their sport at all. While, not many athletes get hurt and are done for good, it can still happen. Having a good education will help them to get a good job that they have interest in and will help them to have a better lifestyle financially.

Most importantly, focusing more on education will benefit them greatly in the future. Student athletes in college should not focus all their time on athletics because they didn’t pay thousands of dollars to go to college for sports. Even though, there are some students who get an athletic scholarship, they did still get it for their education. Sports is also and extracurricular activity aside from academics because academics is what will most likely make the money you need to have a house, unless you are one of those students who plays professionally. Education will also increase the athlete’s mind for decision making on the court or field, so it can benefit those who play professionally because their education will increase their athletic intelligence. Finally, education will benefit students in the future because it will make it easier to pay bills, write checks, etc., and all of the basic skills needed, which can’t be found in just athletics. Although athletics could end up benefiting these student athletes in the future, it isn’t definite and academics will help them more even if they play professionally.

It is very important to play sports and value it. Student athletes benefit greatly from the relationship he/she has with the athletic department, but academics will benefit them more. These student athletes shouldn’t just focus on athletics because it just won’t get them as far as if they choose to focus on education. In conclusion, student athletes in college should focus more on academics than athletics.


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