Cats & Parking Lots Photography portfolio by Joseph tavana

Photo Portfolio

1. Story

My cat walking towards the camera. In order to get the shots with my ca looking at the camera, I yelled weird noises to get her attention.

This is a picture I took of a shelter cat when I was volunteering at the SPCA of Texas. The reason why this photo (and many others) seem blurry, it's because my phone has a low-res camera.

2. Light

This is just a picture of a potted plant, but the bright light put a lot of definition into the darker colors of the plant. It also draws attention away from the wall, making a balance.

This photo was taken in the library under the skylight, making the tiger brighter than the bookshelves in the background.

3. Movement

A close-up photo of an obscure hourglass, capturing the path the gel takes and the bubbles from the movement.

These are ducks swimming in the pond near celebration park. Because of the lines made from them swimming, you can imagine that they are slowly drifting across the pond.

4. Black & White

This is a photo of a weed and a cigarette. Because of the distance, your eyes bounce between the two, as if you were making a decision.

This is a photo of my cat barley fitting on the windowsill, drawing attention to the fact that she's "spilling" off of it.

5. Leading Lines

This is (yet another) picture of my cat. The plant leave stems and the window's frame direct to my cats face. This is one of my best pictures in the gallery.

This is a photo of celebration parks large tent-like structures. The coils and wires are all intersecting lines to the large, twisted piece the tent.

6. Low Viewpoint

This is a photo of another cat (another one of my four) at a lower-down perspective, or cat's eye-level.

This photo has one of the many weeds I found at celebration park, and the point of view is very low to the ground, as well as close to the weed..

7. High viewpoint

This is another cat picture where the camera is higher up than the main subject (cat)

This is the photo of a view from the outdoor bleachers at Curtis, high up from the parking lot.

8. Close-up Perspective

This is a close-up of my cats face, looking a little shocked after I woke her up on the kitchen counter.

A close up of the paper mache "cougar" in the library.

9. Depth

A picture of the multiple soccer goalposts at celebration park.

Another picture at celebration park, where the multiple trees go further in the distance, and lead to the building, and even further down--the forest.

10. Framing

This is a photo of the library between a shelf organizer.

This is a photo of a tree between two shrubs, where the green colors blend in with the grass and tree leaves making a 3-dimensional frame around the tree.

11. Forced Perspective

This is a very mediocre looking photo until you notice the amount of leading lines and rules it follows, I moved the chairs angles and distances for the exact reason.

This is a photo I had asked Nicolas to pose in (thanks Nick!) In the schools parking lot.

12. Reaction

My cat knowing that she's sleeping where she isn't supposed to, and gets really nervous when I come to take a picture.

What looks like my cat playing on a Nintendo Switch (hard to see in the glide-show) this is by far the best picture in the gallery.

13. Symmetry/Balance

A picture of celebration park's parking lots, where the tennis court breaks the symmetry.

This is a photo of the outside bleachers, where the small compartment room breaks the symmetry.

14. Cropping

This is a photo of the lights in the support beams, focusing on its height.

After the crop, its more focused on the lights/patterns.

The bend in the road makes it look like the road's beginning, as well as my distracting mistake of putting my finger on the lens.

After cropping, the bend is removed, as well as my finger, and makes it look like the road goes on forever.

15. Rule of thirds

The trees, window lines, birds, and brick lines line up multiple times in the image.

The main subject (tiger) has a head on the left-vertical line of thirds, and is between the horizontal lines of thirds, as well as the bookshelf giving the lines some definition.

Personal Favorites

This photo has some humor to it, the chain-link fence and bleak colors give it a prison feel, when in reality, it OUR school!

This is one I was unsure to include, but the intense stare of the cardboard cutout almost vortexes your atention

This was a photo of when it was raining outside, the position of some trees make it look like it was a windy storm, even when you can't see the wind or rain.

9 cat pictures, 5 photos of roads/parking lots. Almost half of the pictures where of cats/parking lots.

Experimental Photos

This is a photo of my cat between some chairs and a table, where there are many complex angles of both.

A photo of my cats initiating a fight.

Vocab Definitions:

Rule of thirds - Where invisible lines dividing the photo are overlapped by the subject

Balancing Elements - Features or elements that keep the photo from feeling "lopsided" or uneven

Leading lines - Invisible lines made by other objects that intersect, or give the image substance

Symmetry/Patterns - Symmetry is where one part of an image/subject is mirrored on the other half of the image. Patterns are certain repeated designs in an image.

Viewpoint - The angle/point of view

Background - The outside space, not the subject, behind the foreground.

Depth - The distance of fields in in image

Framing - Where on element wraps around, or "frames" the subject

Cropping - The process of cutting out end-sections of an image

Experimentation - Not a specific rule, any random or unconventional technique not listed.

careers in photography

There are many types of photographers, like fine art, commercial, still, or photojournalism.

Commercial photographers generate income by completing assignments, taking photos of people, architecture, and usually work in advertising or journalism. Examples include fashion, advertising, stock, and sometimes wildlife photographers

Fine art photographers make "artistic" photos for museums and galleries, and select personal projects. Examples include Wildlife or Astro-photography

Still photography is referring to taking photos promoting feature film/television. Taking pictures of staged shots and can sometimes work on set every day during production.

Photojournalism photographers are photographers aiming to capture a story/event for news casting and publications. They can be self-employed or paid externally. Examples include War, Space, or Wildlife photography.

One of the most sketchy, and questionably legal jobs would be in the paparazzi. This is entirely based on getting photos of celebrities for magazine or tabloid publications. They can do outrageous things just to get a photo, including but not limited to:

  • stakeout celebrities house
  • Climb a tree
  • follow poilticians
  • scale fences
  • create car wrecks
  • rent helicopters
  • call in bomb threats

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