About Olivia By:Olivia

I have a brother named Austin he is 18. I have a sister named Alaina she is 10. Austin is a senior at the high school. Alaina is a 4th grade at Brooklyn.

These are my grandparent's dog's. The first one is Lola she is a yellow lab. The second dog is Sophie she died 2 or 1 year ago because of cancer. The last dog is Izzy and she is a black lab.

My favorite meal is steak with a twice bake potato. But I don't like the cheese on it so I pick it off, I leave the melted cheese on it because it's hard to pick it off.

My favorite fruit is cantaloupe. In the summer I make my mom buy me a cantaloupe and i help her cut it. Then I have my grandpa who buys me it and then comes to my house and gives it to me.

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