Book Review by: Anna O'Neil

For my project, I chose the books Shatter Me and Stung. They weren't as similar as I though they they would be, but they were both dystopian novels based around a female heroine, looking for a cure. Although they aren't the most similar of books, Shatter Me and Stung are both heart-wrenching stories filled with love, compassion, adventure, and relatable characters. I liked Stung more (I chose a book similar to it because its my favorite book), but I would recommend both of these books to anyone interested in futuristic dystopian novels.

Shatter Me is a book about a girl with astonishing powers. Everything she touches, dies. She's locked away in a secluded, high security prison, all alone with no on in her small cell. Then one day, someone is introduced to her (not really introduced, but more of just stuck into her cell). She shows the person around, teaching them about her life in the mostly abandoned prison. The one day, she's just taken out. She goes with the boy from her cell and they meet his boss, a rich guy who makes a living off of other people's hardships. He wants to use her powers for war to make himself more powerful. When the boy learns this, he decides it's not worth the money he's getting to let this girl be killed. So they run away. But what they learn is that one out of a few thousand people, isn't effected by her touch. One of which just so happens to be the rich guy, another is the boy from the cell. Juliette must run from the man who's trying to use her, while also protecting the ones she loves from her touch.

Stung is about a girl who's trapped in a world taken over by pestilence, starvation and murder. A pesticide used for plants started killing bees while also turning them rabid, stinging everything they could. There was however, a cure. Given to those who are seen as useful or could pay to have it. But the cure had unforeseen consequences. People who had the cure were turned into monsters, with the longer they had the cure, the more ravage they were. But there's a special case, a girl who woke up, missing five years of her life. She's had the maximum dosage she could have, and yet she was completely normal. After meeting up with a childhood friend, Fiona (the main girl) has to find the cure she'd been given.

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