How companies use their commercial time to show a bigger world issue Ema Stadtmiller

For the past year the increase in world problems such as equality , immigration ,and discrimination have gained the attention of popular companies and because of this they have used their air time for their commercials to discuss these problems through their products.

Nike Equality

One of these companies that is stepping up and putting an end to the problems of race equality in the world is NIKE. Nike is using their commercial Equality to get across the idea of when people are on the quarts or fields they are equal under the love of the game that their all playing . In this commercial Nike uses Lebron James as the main character and shows different athletes and different settings of these sports. The main idea of this commercial is if these people of different countries , different races and different beliefs can come together and be equal when playing sports then why can't they be equal outside the lines of the field and/or court.

Nike has even come up with a line of Equality products that when consumers buy these in store or online profits from the purchase go to organizations that either give people mentors they need or a organization called Peaceplayer which is using sports to united young people in divided communities.

84 Lumber

Another company that is openly advertising there view on the world issue of discrimination is 84 Lumber, as most of you have seen during the super bowl in their commercial called the beginning of the journey this commercial shows a mother and daughter refugees making their long harsh journey to this country of freedom and a new dream , this commercial also makes people who believe in equality believe the statement of where would we all be in life if we were never given an opportunity by someone. Even though this commercial sponsors their product by showing the workers building the wall with the wood and materials they sell, it has a deeper meaning of opportunity.

coca -cola

We all know the company Coca-Cola, this commercial for such a simple product is 100 percent in your face addressing diversity and discrimination against certain races , cultures and beliefs this commercials message is if all these races and people can come together for the love of the same product then why is it so hard to accept others differences. This commercial also shows that we all call the same beautiful piece of land our home and all these difference n our looks and how we live our lives shouldn't matter and shouldn't cause violence. This commercial shows these aspects to be true through the song being sung in different languages and it shows different people and how they live in this world.


The last message and commercial I leave with you is this commercial advertising Cadillac, this commercial starts with all the bad that the media portrays in the world showing war , strikes and violence, then the commercial shows the viewer what the media leaves out which is all the good we do for each other and how we carry this world on our backs and how we create the future of this country by using love not hate. This commercial also uses celebrities such as Muhammad Ali , Marilyn Monroe and Presidents to show the importance of the product and the message

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