KANSAS WEEK 6 UPDATE Aflac Kansas Outlaws

Building your business, one nomination at a time!

Week 6 brought Nomination Wednesdays to life for this team. As a team, we generated 12 nominations in 1 day! Congratulations to our winners, Angela Bhakta and Jeffrey Martin, as well as our GRAND PRIZE Scholarship Winner, Michelle Daubert!! We will do it again this Wednesday, so start thinking about how to build nominating into every conversation. If you need help, ask your DSC! And DSCs, this week, we'll have a prize for you, too! Get out there and lead from the front. Show your team how it's done! Let's lock in those AFAME qualifications! #NominateDominate #KSOutlaws #WhosYourOne #AFAME #FAME

Make your tomorrow great!

Don't forget about all the cool contests going on RIGHT NOW!!


Hot off the presses comes an opportunity for your whole team to shine! The Superstar Contest runs from Week 5-13. Associates with at least 105* weeks at contest start date must achieve 10% year-over-year growth for traditional EAP for 3-249 lives for the contest period and a minimum of $15,000 in Traditional EAP for 3-249. The top 30 associates per territory with highest percentage of overall year-over-year AP growth win the trip to HQ.

Top 5 Associates:

Frank King - $8,209

Shirley Mischevich - $7,132

Linda Leggette - $6,365

Said Sosa - $5,686

Janet Long - $5,394

Top 5 DSCs AP:

David Windholz - $16,055 --> 129% Quota

Julian Duarte - $13,363 --> 95% Quota

Frank King - $12,721 --> 227% Quota

Justin Carson - $12,324 --> 68% Quota

Brian Leitzel - $11,218

Quota Busters

Frank King - 227%

Dave Windholz - 129%

Mike Ward - 118%

Top DSCs in New Accounts:

Jim Fletcher - 2

Dave Windholz- 2

Top RSC for Week 5:

Caleb Gilmour / Encore Region


4 New Accounts

Other Cool Happenings

KU Career Fair = 12 next day interviews! Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! #AflacJayhawk


7 short weeks left to lock in AFAME and FAME. The buzzer waits for no-one. We fight for the inches. Time to go to work, team. Week 8 will bring our 2nd Q1 PACE, and give us the momentum we need going into Power Weeks for a strong finish. Let's get after it!

"Free Pass" Don't miss your chance! (for Q1 qualifiers only!)
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