Christian Leadership Units By: Matthew Skipper

Historical Jesus

-In Jesus' world the Jewish people had already had several "false alarms" of the Messiah with people like the Maccabees.

-In Jewish society everyone fell into a major social group like the Pharisees, Essenes, or the Zealots. Each had their own agendas.

-Social networks were vital to Jewish families who built their groups around extended families for survival.

Gospel of Matthew

-Since the intended audience was Jewish Matthew used the phrase "Kingdom of Heaven" instead of the "Kingdom of God" because the Jewish took things literally.

-Matthew organized Jesus' teachings into 5 long sermons including the Sermon on the Mount and the Parables of the Kingdom Sermon.

-Matthew attached these sermons to a narrative that started with the Christmas Story and ended with the Easter Story.

Gospel of Mark

-Mark's Christology paints Jesus in a very human way, showing lots of emotion including anger and sadness.

-Mark used miracles as the primary way to show the Reign of God throughout his Gospel.

-The miracle stories each follow a process of an issue, that is then brought to Jesus, which he then solves and the crowd reacts.

Gospel of Luke

-Luke always used an elegant first sentence or statement to show his Greek and Roman audiences that he was indeed educated.

-Luke's Gospel is very joyful do to the fact that Luke used to be a pagan and paganism isn't a joyful religion with cruel gods.

-Luke wrote specifically to Gentiles with the idea of answering specific questions and including everyone in the Kingdom of God.

Gospel of John

-John's Gospel is different from the first three in the fact that it is not synoptic with the rest.

-John tells us not to get to fixated on miracles because they point to someone else and that we should focus on God alone.

-John writes down 7 different "signs" that are allegories for the 7 sacraments, each with a story representing them.

Acts of the Apostles

-The two main "characters" or people in Acts are Peter and Paul and their many travels.

-This book was the main source of information for the early Church and describes the perfect Christian community.

-Acts follows the spread of Christianity from Jerusalem to Rome and everywhere in between.


-The New Testament includes 21 different letters and 13 of them can be contributed to Paul.

-Paul had a tough time traveling and made tents for a living while also describing the difficulty in the first letter to the Corinthians.

-6 other separate letters are also attributed to Paul yet they are pseudonyms written by others out of respect.


-Revelation is the most misunderstood book in the Bible and should be read with much criticism since it is a figurative not literal book.

-The book is a record of the visions John experienced from God while he was exiled on the island of Patmos.

-The Romans had an imperial cult religion along with Christian persecutions that forced John to write in code.


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