She is Not Invisible By MaRcus sEDgwick

The overall place this book takes place is in London. Although the second half of the book takes place in New York. I imagine it would be a lot different in London then it is here or in New York. I think it's cool how they start in London but then the characters end up somewhere different.

The first specific location is Laureth's house in London. Her house is quiet small and Laureth spends most of her time in her dads cluttered computer room where she answers emails on there Mac computer. The second specific location is the crowded London airport and air plane. Since it's an airport Laureth describes it as very crowded with so many different sounds it's hard to focus on where your going. The airplane was described as very tight.

My book takes place in modern day London, England. The season is summer which give Laureth time to travel to New York. I imagine it to be the same electronically developed as it is here. I also imagine to have a cooler temperature there then here.

Right now the climate in my book is really calm. Although they don't really talk about the weather. Since Laureth lives in London the temperature is cooler. It's also currently summer for her.

Since my book takes place in two very populated places it's been really crowded. The people who are in my book are like people all around us. There are really kind people who help Laureth, some that are mean to her and don't understand why she keeps bumping into everyone, and finally people who are kind but taken back when she tells them she's blind. It makes me feel happy knowing that there are so many people who want to help Laureth and I imagine it would be hard for Laureth to navigate through a crowded airport.

One time stamp is Laureth's IPhone. Laureth uses her phone to listen to messages and to send messages. Another time stamp is Laureth's dads Mac Pro. Laureth uses the shared computer with her father to listen to her books and to send emails to her dads fans when he doesn't have the time to.

Even though there are some good parts in my story it's mostly dreary. The reason it's dreary is because Laureth knows something's wrong with her dad and he hasn't responded to any calls or messages. Another reason the mood is dreary is because things at home are weird for Laureth. For example her mom spends a lot of time not at home and her dad doesn't write funny books any more.

The setting effects the story because Laureth has to go on a plane and through an airport to get to New York and hopefully find her dad. Since airports are always very crowded without having to go to the airport it wouldn't show us the talent Laureth has at navigating and finding her way in places. It also wouldn't show the system she and her brother has at helping her pretend she isn't blind. Also without the crowdedness of the airport Laureth wouldn't have met some of the nicest people.


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