Site Council September 9, 2019


Introduction of new members: Parent Reps: Gina Dal Fuoco & Yanfeng Zhang (also PTA rep), Teacher Reps: Victoria Blockhus

Review and approval of minutes: April & May


Front Office Conference Room 1 @ 3:15pm

  • SEPT. 9
  • OCT. 7
  • NOV. 12
  • JAN. 13
  • FEB. 10
  • MAR. 16
  • *APR. 20
  • MAY 11
Student Share-Out
Site Council ByLaws

Duties of the School Site Council

The school site council of Ellen Fletcher, hereinafter referred to as the school site council, shall carry out the following duties:

  • Obtain recommendations for, and review of the proposed Single Plan for Student Achievement from all school advisory committees.
  • Develop, review and approve the plan and related expenditures in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Recommend the plan and expenditures to the governing board for approval.
  • Monitor implementation of the plan with the principal, teachers and other school staff members.
  • Approve modifications to the plan whenever the need arises.
  • Evaluate the progress made toward school goals to raise the academic achievement of all students three times during the school year.
  • Carry out all other duties assigned to the school site council by the district governing board and by state law.

Page 1 - Ellen Fletcher Middle School Bylaws

Review SPSA Goals

Goal 1: Learning Targets and Learning Assessments

Goal 2: Academic Equity

Goal 3: Academic Supports Opportunities for all students

Goal 4: Social Emotional Learning

SIP - Budget 19-20
Preliminary Budget
Open Parent Comments/Questions
Campus Advisory Committee for Bond Projects

Guest: District Bond Project Manager.


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