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From this module, hope I can learn more about design, new media, learn how to be a creative person. I am personally interested to do fun things , such as travelling, tryin'something new, learning other culture therefore I am here as an exchange student :D I study Communication ( Public Relations & Marketing ) my brain is full of thinking about it *lol* that's why I see myself in the future as a succesfull Public Relations Director of big company or government administration.

ps about my interest : I love animal :D I have many pets in my home , they are cat,hamsters, birds, fish and also bunnies :D here I saw you many cute bunnies pictures.

Beautiful Bunny

Assignment 1 (E-Fortofolio)

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation

Simple Eye Make-Up

Do you love quick and simple make-up for daily use ? This stop motion animation shows us how to do simple eye-make up painting that you can try at home before you go :D

Group Photo ( Chinatsu - Dea- Peggy)

Exercise 2 : Viral Content

5 Facts You Have To Know About Anti-Drugs Campaigns in Indonesia

According to National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia , Indonesia is becoming into an emergency state drugs abuse. This is because the prevalence rate of narcotics abusers in Indonesia in the 2015 survey reached 2.20 % or more than 4 million people consisting of abusers to try to use, regular use, and addicts.

But for now Indonesia has joined globally for the fight against drugs every June 26 annualy and participated in the commemoration of National Anti Narcotics Day.

These facts you have to know about the Anti-Drugs Campaign conducted in Indonesia includes:

1. An Old Man Spent Two Weeks Walking to do Anti-Drugs Abuse Campaign

Picture from : Tribun News Indonesia

Agus Suwarno (69) an old man from Jepara traveled 549.5 kilometers and spent two weeks on foot from his village Jepara to Jakarta to meet National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia Chief, Budi Waseso.

He also ever traveled around Asean in 2006. At that time, he brought peace missions while campaigning for the dangers of drugs.

This effort is also helped by National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia .Before traveling around Asean by riding a bicycle, he got directions about the importance of conveying drugs danger messages to the Asean people. He became a figure who inspired others to do Anti-Drugs Campaign.

Renzha a young man from Surabaya is inspired by an old man Agus, he also got a Anti-Drugs Campaign sticker from Agus. The sticker he put on the banner he brought during the journey from Jakarta to Surabaya. Through this sticker, he wants to help the old man Agus to do Anti-Drugs Campaign. This is cool..

2. Indonesian Songs About Drugs

Music can influence people and one of the way to do Anti-Drugs Campaign . In Indonesia there are at least 15 songs that have drug-themed lyrics reported by Rolling Stones Indonesia. One of them is a song for advice for youths to stay away from drugs.

The orchestra Alwi Hasan's devotion ever presented a warning "Effect of Marijuana" in the album Muhammad Ali 1973 release. One of the characteristics of the Malay Orchestra is its tendency to offer lyrics of type advice.

For both verses contained in the song, Juliatin singer reminded:

“That the future of the country in your hands, youth , weed cannabis can not be expected to be the nation's leader.

And another is from King of Dangdut Music of Indonesia , Rhoma Irama. At the height of the use of narcotics among young people, Rhoma Irama makes a song that talks about the dangers of the substance. Uniquely, "Mirasantika" takes the view of someone who has tasted alcohol and narcotics. A song about the message of society in music packaging that will always lasting.

3. Break the World Record Museum of Indonesia (MURI) for Anti-Drugs Movement

picture from :

Berau district successfully installed banners Anti-Drugs along the 4.150 meters spread from the interior, coast to the outermost islands. World Record Museum of Indonesia (MURI) recorded this as the biggest Anti-Drugs movements in Indonesia.

The peak of the this Anti-Drugs movement on Earth Batiwakkal was held with a choreography performance of approximately 2,000 high school and vocational high school students at Tanjung Redeb Pemuda Square.

4. A Thousand Women for Anti-Drugs Campaign

Picture from VivaNews Indonesia

The award from Indonesia-World Achievement Institute (LEPRID). was given because of the Anti-Drugs movement mission voiced simultaneously by the women in Semarang. They came together and unfurled banners simultaneously around the field at the momentum of Kartini Day.

The action included a large scale because it was followed by thousands of women from various professions ranging from security guards, police, military, PKK, government officials and various other elements of society. This Anti-Drugs campaign involving a thousand women was first held nationally and internationally.

5. White Rose Anti-Drugs Campaign

PIcture from : Detik.Com News Indonesia

More than 100 student in Semarang gathered on Pahlawan Street precisely in front of Parliament building of Central Java. They were asking the road users to slow down the pace of the vehicle and gave the white roses as a symbolize of the clean and unaffected by drugs.

The interest is distributed in order to commemorate the International Anti-Drugs Abuse day.

From that, we know that many ways to show people and inform people about anti-drugs campaign.

Exercise 3 : Infographic

This infographic is about the fact of drugs in Indonesia.

Simple Infographic to inform teenager about the fact of drugs in Indonesia.

Exercise 4 : Mobile App

Subway Malaysia App

We came up with an idea to make an app for Subway Malaysia, why Subway ? based on our research Subway is one of the best franchise in the world.

Hungry? With the SUBWAY® App you can see the Menu, order your favorite sandwich or salad and pay once you get an email confirmation, all in seconds :D

Home page of Subway Malaysia App, you can press the Order Now button to see menus.
This is the Menu pages , you can pick your favorite ones.
Sandwiches menu
Connect to Facebook , this shows us the latest promotion in Subway Malaysia. Please like to support us ! :D
Your order page , just press order or delete one of food if you change your mind :D
Order form by email. Type your email and you will get confirmation in your email about the payment and the contacts from the customer service of Subway Malaysia. All in seconds!
You can also see the latest Coupon in this page and use it when you get email confirmation to redeem your coupon :D
Contact Us page via website.
This is Find button, it shows Maps of the locations Subway Restaurant. You can find the nearest place from you, but by just simple clicks they will deliver your favorite Subway without going to restaurant :D just use this app.


Assignment 2 : ( GROUP ) SHORT VIDEO

My team and I choose the food theme for our short video. We are from 3 different countries and we think that every places have the unique tastes and we love it .

Welcome ! The Cosmopolite Pot , we are 7 food enthusiasts with different nationalities , a multicultural mix from Europe to Asia. We can't wait to show you our video and we came up with the idea for this page as well we love the food and travel different cultures also. Enjoy!


Video Link : The Cosmopolite Pot- Malaysian Food Challenge

Group Photo

Assignment 3 : Chat Stickers

Chat Stickers Name : Chefo Donut



Today Chefo feels so happy, he starts his day with a smile on his face :)


Chefo is confuse, he doesn't have any idea what to cook today


Look at these expression, Chefo is crying, he must be so sad. Maybe he failed his cooking today


Chefo is a chef, sometimes he feels so tired and sleepy because so many things he had to do in the kitchen, this is his sleepy expression


Chefo is holding his spatula, he will cook today :D


Here is Chefo's angry expression. He must be so mad today in the kitchen

Check out animated gif of Chefo Donut

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