Historic Downtown Stuart, Florida Farmer's Market and events

Sunday Farmer's Market on Easter 2017

It is a beautiful sunny morning in Stuart, Florida. Whether you have slept in to enjoy a lazy Sunday or are a diligent churchgoer there is always something unique happening on a Sunday in downtown Stuart.

Around 8AM all of the vendors begin to show up to the parking lot to set of their white glossy tents and begin to set out their goods. There is a buzz in the air as they each run back and forth to their trucks for supplies, signs and samples to provide to the visitors. About 15 minutes before the market opens up at 9AM, the fruits and vegetables are set out, the fine jewelry is laid out on display, the beautiful handmade clothing is hung up and ripples in the breeze and the food vendors begin to arrive and savory scents fill the air.

When the Farmer’s Market first opens only a small trickle of early-birds meanders through the downtown area and weaves in between the glossy tents. Many of these visitors simply stroll through the area and appraise the wonderful creations of their local artists and farmers. The diversity of the market is outstanding with goods from handcrafted soaps and candles to hand carved art pieces representative of the fishing industry in the area.

You might ask yourself, where do I begin? The answer is there is no real entrance to the area. The market is free of charge and open to anyone who wishes to browse, purchase or leisurely stroll through the ornate crafts and plump vegetables. As you walk through the tents the sun illuminates the jewelry and the sweet aroma of herbs, freshly cut flowers, savory and sweet creations permeate through the streets. The colors of the market are extraordinary from the clothes and accessories to the organic coloring of the red bell peppers and leafy green heads of lettuce.

Even though the market is wonderful and satisfies all of the diverse needs of the community, you must walk down Osceola Street, the main street, through the historic buildings and all of the local businesses. The town offers all kinds of shops, boutiques, restaurants and exhibits. Enjoy the local art and crafts while you sit sipping on a hot cup of locally grown and brewed coffee from the famed Osceola Café. Whether you are a Sunday churchgoer or a passerby downtown Stuart offers a unique Sunday experience to all.

Osceola Street and Historic Buildings


Ella Donaho

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