Good Life Tour: Florida Museum of Natural History By AManda Gard

Nature on Display

Wildlife Display

I thoroughly enjoyed the Florida Museum of Natural history and I found myself taking a lot of panoramas because the set ups of each exhibits were so immersing. The wildlife display (pictured above) was one of the first areas I walked into and I instantly thought it was very impressive. I was amazed by the detail and how real everything looked. The ocean display (pictured below) had a striking effect when I first walked in. I am not sure why but the dim lighting gave me a very weird excited feeling. They only thing I have been able to attribute it to is that it possibly subconsciously reminded me of the lighting right before a show in a theatre.

Oceanic Display

I thought the shell wall to be particularly fascinating which is pictured below (right).

Nature and Ethics

Endangered Species Gallery

Leopold tells us to "love, respect and admire" the land in an effort to conserve it for future generations. I believe the Florida Museum of Natural History tried to express this idea as well through the endangered species gallery. I thought it was very powerful especially after reading the description. I included the description below but realized it is a little blurry. It talks about the five greatest mass extinction and says "99.99% of all species that ever lived on earth are extinct," which is a mind-boggling statistic. Then, at the very end it asks, "Will the endangered species pictured in this gallery disappear in your lifetime?" The gallery includes pictures of a whale, Florida panther, manatee and others. I think it really affects people and makes them take a moment to rethink their own conservation efforts.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Butterfly Garden

The butterfly exhibit was such an awe-inspiring experience because it actually completely immerses you into the majesty of nature. Butterflies have always fascinated me, since their are so many different wing designs. It was awesome to be able to see them up so close, especially the one that was eating the grapefruit (pictured below). The exhibit helps us step out of our ordinary lives and appreciate beauty of live itself and the world around us. I just kept thinking how I couldn't believe that there were so many different butterflies and how such small creatures can have such detail.

The End

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