The Girl By: alexandra greenwalt

She is your basic white girl. She is wearing the Pink brand sweatshirt with the black leggings and the typical Nike socks with her Ugg boots and her hair in a high side ponytail. She looked as if she was a girl from the 80’s. Over the course of the night I watch her faces and they were all judgmental faces, she reminded me of a middle school aged Regina George off of mean girls with the looks and actions. I looked at her for a while and think this girl believes she deserves the world. The girl that runs her parents lives, you know like Regina George and tells them how it is going to be, Where her parents are almost scared of their own child. Her personality seemed as cold as ice, every time I would look at her I got this cold chill down my spine. I bet she is the girl that runs her halls at school, the girl I would just be intimated by in middle school. She sits kind of slouched at a nice restaurant with her mother and doesn't speak a word to her because she is too self obsessed. Selfie after selfie after selfie, she could not get enough. I have never seen someone take so many selfies in a minute. She is the girl that no guy would want to take on a date, because she just wouldn't even acknowledge him. The way she talked was full of attitude and sassiness, it was piercing to the ear. She almost acted as if she hated everything that was not about her, because everything that wasn't about her seemed not good enough.

However I got to thinking maybe the reason she acted like this was because her parents don't acknowledge her at home like she is an abandoned puppy. The constant selfie taking turned into a girl who has self esteem issues and what's to take pictures and edits them because she is scratching the surface just feel pretty and shine. The girl who spoke only few words to her mother turned into a girl who didn't have a good relationship with her mother and she never felt good enough or accepted by her mother. The girl that gave everyone the judgmental faces turned into the girl who was judged by everyone else so she felt that she needed to do it to others to feel like all of the other kids she felt were cool. The girl with the ice cold personality turned into the girl struggling with depression and criticism from her surroundings. I look at her and see a girl who is trying to fit in with everyone, who follows the trends because she wants to be like everyone else, a girl who just wants to be accepted and liked by everyone, a girl who is craving to be told she is beautiful, and important to this world. The girl that wants to feel good enough for her parents because they barely look at her or talk to her like she hardly exists. I look at her and sympathize for her because she should know that you are perfect for who you are, you should never have to become something you are not for anyone else. Accept and love yourself first and eventually people will start loving you too.

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