Trench Warfare Guide to Surviving By: Kate fulginiti


Gas Mask

A gas mask would be very helpful to a soldier in the trenches because this is used to help protect soldier's from a result of poison gas attacks. The enemy could launch a poison gas bomb and it would leak different types of chemicals. One of the most used for chlorine. This mask would help soldier because this mask was made of "sodium hyposulphite" (The History).



This is a powerful weapon used by many soldiers. This would be one of the most helpful items also because you can shoot your enemy to help try and win the battle. This is also helpful because you can stay in the trench and make a place for your rifle to stick out making it a little more safe then going above your trench.



This is another important weapon. This is not as important as a rifle because with a bayonet you can't shoot it. Also you can not a good shot unless you closer to a person. This is however important because this is a sharp tool if you are over the trench you could severely injurer a person or probably even kill them if you get close enough.


First Aid Kit

A first aid kit would be very helpful in the trenches because if you get hit or cut you could help your wound so it would not get worse. If it happens to get worse it could get infected and you could possible die. Doctors also use these to help people that have gotten hurt. This can help doctors and soldier save many lives.

"1/6 WWI"

Steel Helmet

A steel helmet can be also very helpful in the trenches. Even though you are still in the trenches bombs that are going off might effect dust and rocks to go/come into the trenches. A steel helmet helps protect your head so you do not get hurt. A steel helmet also might protect you from any falls that might occur while running. It will protect your head.

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