Globalization Growing By: ALex Curtin & Hannah Olson

This is Prisha Sadana and Daniel Smith. They are two very different people in their backgrounds and beliefs.

Daniel Smith. He is 46 years old. He has never been outside of America. He grew up and lives in Texas. Works in the oil business for Exxon. He is a veteran and proud patriot of America. He is a strong conservative, right wing and a proud supporter of Donald Trump.

  • Gun rights
  • Build the wall
  • Pro life
  • Against Immigration
  • America First above all
Tweets from Daniel Smith

This is Prisha Sadana. She is an immigrant from Bangalore, India. She is 25 years old and a software engineer graduating from University of California Berkeley. She works for IDEO. It is an international design and consulting firm.

  • Human rights
  • Globalization
  • Feminism
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Sustainable Development
Tweets from Prisha Sadana

Next to the issue of globalization and international relations, the issue of what to do with the environment arose.

Prisha Sadana was not done contesting Daniel's tweet. She is an immigrant so had to address the issue of immigration that Daniel grossly overgeneralized.

“By circulating this imagery we can play into the propaganda needs of human rights violators, we can justify what has emerged in some settings as a commercial market for terrible imagery of violations, and we can re-victimize and revilolate for third time the dignity of people who have already faced a direct abuse, and the humiliating violence of having this captured on camera” -Sam Gregory


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