Harn Museum of Art Kevin Herrera

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

I found this work of art very interesting. At first glance, it just seems like an arbitrary mesh of random material the artist had on hand. Upon further inspection, however, the sculpture is made industrial-weight aluminum foil, and the style of the art was inspired by industrial products made from galvanized steel, industrial rubber, Plexiglas, and polyurethane. After gaining a better understanding of the sculpture, I felt a sense of detachment from the natural world because as humans, we make many unnatural materials that would not exist otherwise. This made me feel somewhat somber, but also allowed me to better appreciate the work.

Aluminum sculpture
Aluminum sculpture (close-up)
Art plaque

Design of the Museum

The Highlights from the Modern Collection was one of my favorite exhibits in the museum. It appealed to aesthetically because of the paint colors on the walls, the lighting, and the overall atmosphere. It definitely felt very modern, and I felt that I was able to connect with the art more because it was from a familiar time period. In particular, I enjoyed the art glasses depicted in the second picture. While they were very colorful and exuberant, they were also quite soothing to look at as the glass felt like something that would fit well in a home living room.

Modern Collection exhibit
Art Glass
Art plaque
More art glass

Art and Core Values

When I first set my eyes on this piece of art, the first words I thought to myself were "oh my god, this thing is disgusting!" I found this mask revolting, and it made me feel a sense of fear and disgust. Upon reading the plaque, I understood that my reaction was a part of the purpose of the work, and I realized that fear and disgust are important emotions to have because they help keep us alive. Without fear, many people would make foolish decisions that would get them harmed or killed, and disgust makes us weary of things such as diseases or poisonous foods or drinks.

Reaction to the mask
African face mask
Art plaqe

Art and the Good Life

When I walked into this wing of the museum, I was filled with much joy because I thoroughly enjoy natural settings such as this one. Nature is its own form of art, and this wing was set up to capture its beauty. Between the blue skies, glistening water, lush green leaves, and just the perfect touch of man-made objects like the bench and short bridge, I very much enjoyed this piece of natural art. This setting conveys the Good Life because the sun and blue skies creates a mood of happiness and reminds us that even though we have many stresses in our lives, we can still enjoy nature and be at peace. The setting also exemplifies the theme of sharing the Good Life because nature is owned by no man and is something all people share and enjoy.

Reaction to scenery
Panorama of scenery
Embracing nature


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