Sunday Supplement 50 - a grain of sand the skylark collective channelled by lesley curtis

On the beach of life there lies many layers of grains of sand. Yet it is not just a grain of sand. And it is not just a layer of sand. There are layers upon layers of experience, behaviour, ideas, loves, hates, desires, wishes and dreams... all are as grains of sand upon the beach of life.

Although the beach is a beach, each grain of sand is unique and different and yet it makes the whole. And our words to you are to imagine that you are a grain of sand upon the beach of life; that you are individual and that there are also other individuals with their own dreams and wishes upon the beach; there are other grains of sand who may not have the same perspective upon life that you do.

For all that is good there is bad. For all that is light, there is dark. And for all that is happy there is sad. It is purely a matter of balance; understanding that the darkness does exist and yet maintaining oneself within the light, aware and mindful. But you must be aware that one’s intentions are not as others.

There are unwritten chapters and verses within one’s life and there are choices to be made and paths to be followed and doors that are waiting to be opened. And doors waiting to be closed. And only when they are opened will there be information to write upon the page. And only when they are closed has an understanding been reached.

In essence there are choices to be made and it is purely your choices that will determine your direction and your growth. It is not dependent upon others. There are always more choices to come and choices that will cause you to deliberate upon the direction in which you are walking. You must consider carefully the steps that you take.

And you must be mindful that it is the same for others; that they may chose to walk in a different direction to you. They are their own grain of sand. But equally you are all contained within layers of the beach of life.

Creating inner harmony through Sound, Song, Voice and Word, Lesley Curtis is a story teller, performer, musician and trance channel medium who works with the Skylark Collective to bring forward wisdom and perspective. She is available for performance, talks, voicework, workshops, teaching and one-to-one channelled life-guidance consultations.

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Lesley Curtis


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