War On Children By:Zane Knight

Children are affected by every single war no matter how unrelated to them they are Whether it be emotional, physical, or psychological stress or damage.


For example in World War II some Jewish children were forced to flee Germany (sometimes without their family) or get sent to a concentration camp.

If they chose to flee there was a high chance it would be without their parents. This not only makes the mature faster, but robs them of their childhood. This is cause they don't have an adult to make the big decisions for them causing them to abandon their childish tendencies in place for mature adult ones.

take into account Jeannine Burk, she was a small child who had her parents die before she was even a teenager and she states she had to mature quicker and had no child like luxuries.


many children had to migrate countries around Europe possibly having to learn a different language than their original one. And most likely living in poverty because they have no real means of communication

Those who weren't fortunate enough to find a way to escape the German's wrath were forcibly taken to concentration camps, where they were treated even worse than adult prisoners at the time, not having homes but tents in the freezing cold and no way of reviving proficient food or medical care that a child may need

Having many children dying of sicknesses, starvation, disease, environmental causes, or even untreated injuries from the back breaking tasks they have to carry out day in day out.

If they weren't dead by the time the war ended and they were free. they would never be the same as when they were initially sent to their camps. Suffering from a range of deformities and deficiencies. In most cases they leave the concentration camps with post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) of moments and events of their ever so long time in the vigorous camps. Having to fight to stay alive with other inmates.

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