TLB Enterprises Gold Resources - Kele Project

The Confirmed gold Location is found in the area known as the Rim of Fire that stretches along the Solomon Convergent trench.

The region boasts some of the largest gold and copper deposits, as well as other rare earths, due to the unique geographical pressures in the vicinity.

The target area is located in the South Eastern corner island of the New Georgia cluster. These islands are situated along a ridge of volcanic activity that brought moulton metal and large gold deposits to the earths crust tens of thousands of years ago.

The Target region of Kele 1 & 2

The Kele project has been fully tested and proved to have gold deposits as high as 26.9g per tonne in an open trench at 4 meters. Much of the gold is shallow surface and ready for quick and easy excavation.

The majority of the the gold will be excavated in the high saturation area in Kele 1 in the first two years.

Secure location.

Well-managed site and security.

Shallow mining operation.

Low environmental impact and good CSR programme.

Part of the project involves creating a sustainable living environment for the small local population inculding developing a local school and health centre in exchange for the licence to mine.

Medium to low risk investment

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