Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By:DIANE PETIT-BOIS

Nature on Display

Florida Fossil Exhibit
Nature on Display: Entering this exhibit was quite fascinating. I was a bit skeptical about the size of some of these animals. I was not sure if they were actually life sized or just zoomed in versions but that seemed to capture my attention. But of course I was curious and asked a worker near by and was informed that these sizes were close interpretations/estimations of the animal's size. Definitely entering this exhibit immersed me in nature. I found the design of that exhibit to be appealing because of the great detail that each animal had. I was able to understand how massive these animals were and I would not be able to understand this if the medium was simply a picture. The lighting and arrangement of each of the animals made it more enjoyable.


Calusa Mound and Village
Nature and Ethics: When I first saw this piece I immediately noticed the family appreciating the area they lived in. The look on the father's face clearly shows that he admires the area they are in and the mother is looking at the father in admiration . I felt warming feeling when I looked at this piece because they are appreciative of what they have. Now a days no one appreciates the little things they have. I sensed that they were happy of all their accomplishments as well as a new child. As I continued to walk through the museum I thought about my mother's child hood growing up, since she grew up in a village similar to the one shown. When I was walking with my friend Anne we immediately saw the same thing, an old civilization like the one our parents grew up in. They allowed us to connect with this exhibit through their use of clear glass to make it feel as if we are actually their. My experience in the museum did instill in me an ethical responsibility to nature which is to actually appreciate nature daily.


Calusa Afterlife
Nature and the Human Spirit: I can not explain how much love I have for this piece. Growing up I have always been interested in anything involving incarnation. This piece however reminds me of incarnation with a mix of evolution. Clearly the person demonstrated in this piece is connecting eternally. The Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by allowing us to appreciate everything around us. The fact that everything looks realistic makes us imagine ourselves in each exhibit. The realism in each piece allows us to appreciate the mystery and majesty within each exhibit.

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