The Roaring Twenties!!! During the 1920’s was a period of sustained economic prosperity beginning in the metropolitan areas with a progressive cultural edge in the United States where social, artistic, technological and cultural dynamism were prevalent.

Women’s Rights!

Women gain a new Freedom and ability to express themselves!

Women were having more free time and the ability to not be home bound, thus allowing them to hold White Collar jobs and Birth Control reduced birth rates.

This new freedom brought “The Flapper” into existence!

Women were able to express their new freedoms externally. The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote in 1920.

Then came Technological Innovation – HealthCare, Communication and Travel

1922 – Injections for treating Diabetes, came into existence. Later in 1928 came along treatments with penicillin and Antibiotics

1920 – Radio Networks bloomed and also Television Networks in 1928

These guys came much later....sorry it's a joke.......Let's continue!!!!!

In 1926 Robert Goddard invented Liquid Fueled Rockets!

Mass Culture – Home Life Improvements began in 1927 - Refrigerators replacing Ice for food preservation in the home as well in Commercial applications.,

Home Air Conditioners came into existence!

Toasters became a 'hot' item during the 20's!


Henry Ford creating a mechanism for mass production of the Ford Model T in 1924.

Airplane innovation and production became big business prompted largely by consumer demand

Last, but nor least was The Jazz Age

Jazz Music and Dance gave the population a new freedom to express and do what you want! Good Times!

1920 – Prohibition – The banning the manufacturing and sales of liquor. Backed up by the Volstead Act of 1920 which closed all bars and saloons selling liquor.

This change allowed Al Capone to coordinate Organized Crime.

............and the creation of Speakeasy’s where secretive sales of alcohol can be provided illegally.!

KKK – (Ku Klux Klan) – Organized groups were organized to take advantage and intimidate the newly freed slaves outside of the law. Racial oppression and violence broke out against the blacks and forced some of them back to the plantations from which they were recently freed.

Scopes Trail in 1925 began as a trial of High School teacher John Scopes for teaching human evolution in the schools. This trial publicized Fundamentalism which preached that evolution is not consistent with the bible and religion. This turned out to be a Theological Contest to decide whether modern science should be taught in schools.

National Origins Act (1924-1927) – This federal law along with the Immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of immigrants from selected counties to 2% or less of the population of that country. This law largely restricted immigration of Southern and Eastern Europeans and Africans. These restrictions on immigration remained until the Immigration and Neutrality Act of 1965!

12Stock Market Crash starting in 1929 – ended this era and brought years of worldwide gloom and hardship. Investors had thought that the Stock Market would continue to bloom. The population and businesses thought that the economic bloom would continue by taking loans they could not afford and it got to a point where banks could not support this excess. Banks started to close at an alarming rate prompting the investors to cash out their monies prompting panic and a Great Economic Depression. Only when the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) came along later in the decade did consumer confidence slowly restore.

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