MCOMM 2400 Projects Spencer Gentry

For my MCOMM 2400 class I created a blog about all things travel and culture "On The Road Again". On The Road Again features several national parks as well as tips to make your trip a bit smoother.

This semester I created my very first podcast. This podcast focuses on diversity in the new America under the Trump administration. Check it Out!

These photos are from the agricultural fair that took place in the King's Center, Downtown Johnson City.

This is a newsletter that tells about RTVF majors films that were screened at the Reel to Reel theater.

This is a link to the pilot episode of my series A Day in the Life of Me.

Coming into this course I quickly learned how technologically challenged I was. However, MCOMM 2400 taught me how to 1) use various programs I would have otherwise been completely oblivious of and 2) learn how to use these programs on my own.

Programs such as in design and Muse were a bit confusing but I put the time in and figured out how to make them work. I can now take the knowledge I've gained in this course and use it in future advertising practices. Overall, my favorite assignment in this course was the podcast. Not because mine was stellar, but it forced me to check out other podcast, several of which I still follow.

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Spencer Gentry


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