Suleyma H 4/20/2017

Young Americans John DiConsiglio


Alexis , Elaine, Salah, and Azucena they are young people from different countries, but they came to the United States to have a better life, some of them came to have a good education and a good job to get their family along. To learn a new language and to congregate to a new culture. Their lives changed much here in the United States. In the end they achieved what they wanted, they learned English and they had many American friends.


On the pages # 16-23 Tells us about the life of Elaine Zhang she is from China lived in a house that had five living rooms her family had two cars and a restaurant Elaine and her mom were always together, but when they traveled to the United States everything changed Elaine said.

This book tells us about young immigrants who traveled to America

I like this book because it is about real life, because I am also an immigrant person.

There is nothing that I do not like the book, everything the book says is true, I would like to read many books more like this book is not boring.

I would like you to read this book is very interesting for our life.

I love this book,I give it five stars.

John Diconsiglio he is the author of many books,some of them are ;when birds get flu and cows go mad , the Mexican american war,and the berlin wall.

John Diconsiglio was born circa 1908, at birth place, New York.

John married Tosca Diconsiglio.

They had one child: Evelyn Diconsiglio.

John lived in 1930, at address, New York.


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