Online Resources for Students and Parents English Language Arts

Knowing that many students and parents are looking for enrichment activities during our home-based learning phase, we’ve compiled some suggestions to help students continue working on the skills associated with ELA. We have tried to indicate appropriateness by grade level, knowing that many sites offer an expansive range of resources.

Reading Fluency

This is the perfect time to schedule additional independent reading. The resources below include suggested titles and several apps available for eReading.

eReading Apps

Reading Comprehension

The following web resources provide access to challenging texts. Some sites require account setup.

Bartleby—A collection of free texts (Suggested for grades 6-12)

CommonLit—Includes digital lessons on a variety of literary and nonfiction passages (Suggested for grades 6-12)

Library of Congress—Access to primary source sets on a range of topics (Suggested for grades 6-12)

MyShakespeare—Interactive access to Shakespeare’s plays (Suggested for grades 8-12)

NewsELA—Leveled reading lessons with reading comprehension quizzes (Suggested for grades 6-12; Requires teacher setup)

Poets.org—Poems to read and enjoy (Suggested for grades 6-12)

Tween Tribune—Smithsonian’s news site that provides students with leveled articles and quizzes (Suggested for grades 6-12; Requires teacher setup)


The following web resources provide students with ways to take part in online writing communities.

Book Creator—A platform to create a range of digital stories (Suggested for grades 6-12)

LitPick—Become part of a community that reads and publishes book reviews (Suggested for grades 6-12)

StoryboardTHAT—An online platform that allows for the creation of graphic novels and comics (Suggested for grades 6-12)

StoryJumper—Create and publish children’s books (Suggested for grades 6-12)

Teen Ink—A great place to read and publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and photography (Suggested for grades 8-12)

Wattpad—A social storytelling platform that connects readers and writers across the globe (Suggested for grades 7-12)

Youth Voices—An online community that hosts student posts, encouraging exploration, collaboration, and discussion (Suggested for grades 7-12)


The following web resources provide listening resources for middle and high school students.

Anchor—A podcast creation platform (Suggested for grades 6-12)

Audible—Access to audiobooks (Suggested for grades 6-12)

Book Club for Kids—20-minute podcasts devoted to middle grade readers (Suggested for grades 6-12)

Calm—A wellness app that includes guided meditation and stories (Suggested for grades 6-12)

Podcasts for Students—A list of recommended podcasts for students of all ages (Suggested for grades 6-12)

Ted Talks—Thousands of talks searchable by topic (Suggested for grades 8-12)

Online Courses/Activities

The following sites offer students the opportunity to engage in self-guided learning.

Coursera—Sign up to take courses offered by leading universities and companies (Suggested for grades 11-12)

Crash Course—A YouTube channel featuring hundreds of short online lessons (Suggested for grades 6-12)

edX—Courses from Harvard, MIT, and other top institutions (Suggested for grades 11-12)

Khan Academy—Online courses for students of all ages (Suggested for grades 6-12)

ReadWriteThink—Tons of online activities and resources (Suggested for grades 6-12)


Learning at Home Resources for Middle School Grades—A curated list of videos, websites, activities, etc.

Learning at Home Resources for High School Grades—A curated list of videos, websites, activities, etc.

Online Events and Activities for Kids at Home—A curated list from Common Sense Media that includes links to virtual tours of museums and parks (Suggested grades 6-12)


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