Ivan the Terrible (Ivan IV) By Odin Johnston

• Born August 25, 1530

• Died March 18, 1584

He was the First Czar of all Russia Ivan IV more commonly known as Ivan the terrible

Young Ivan

Ivan during his reign as Czar he conquered many other Russian states and unified them under a military controlled government

During his reign he fought for the ability to execute traitors and cease their property

Ivan was prone to many violent outbursts which some people believe gave him his nickname

In one incident Ivan reportedly beat his own son with a staff

Ivan over his dead son
Ivan blinded the architect of St. Basil's Cathedral; it was said he did this because he didn't want the architect making anything as beautiful or greater

While on his deathbed Ivan was obsessed with death; it was reported that he had hired many soothsayers and witches to try to help him

Ivan died of a stroke March 18 1584
Created By
Odin Johnston

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