The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt by: abigail carden

The Spatial Experience

I had a feeling of anticipation as I entered the lobby leading up to the auditorium because I was excited to see what the performance had in store. We sat only a few rows from the front near the center of the theater which allowed me to become fully immersed in the performance. I felt excited as the lights dimmed and the audience quieted because the play was about to start. The small size of the Constans Theater made the feeling inside much more intimate and allowed for the performance to feel more personal for each individual in the audience. Place plays an immeasurable role in the good life because it can affect how someone experiences, interprets, and internalizes an event.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with a friend which helped me better appreciate the play because I got to see how another person experienced the same performance. Going with someone that I know and am friends with instead of going alone made me more comfortable and therefore more perceptive during the performance itself. To get ready for the performance I got dressed nicely to be appropriate attired for the play. The role of shared experiences in the Good Life is that it lets a group of feel people connected to one another and creates a sense of comfort and belonging that is often lacking in events that are experienced alone.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance helped me develop a new way of seeing and understanding my own culture because it brought up social and moral issues in a context that greatly contrasts my daily life and experiences. The central issue addressed in the performance involved the struggles in differing social classes and the societal pressure that come with that. I did not know much about the subject matter before attending the performance so experiencing it truly helped me open my eyes to the issues that the play highlighted. The performance changed my views about the issues of the struggles of the lower class and the influence of religion in society. The subject matter does not necessarily have a relationship with something currently happening in my own life but it was very interesting and it was something I really enjoyed.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provide an opportunity for kartharsis in its discussion and examination of controversial and generally taboo issues that were highlighted through the interaction between the characters and the difficulties the characters faced throughout the performance. The performance allowed for a better understanding of the hardships and adversities that they face, creating a sense of connection and compassion for characters with very different backgrounds and situations. The theater, and this play in particular, has the ability to display topics that may be uncomfortable to bring up in a way that easily resonates with every individual who gets to experience it and therefore provide a sense of kartharsis that is unique to each person.

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