DTC #23: Olympic Fever "Curling is easy" said everyone who has ever watched...and never tried Curling.





Sip on some wine on a welcoming patio while preparing for the ice.

Be humbled by the wild world of curling.

Settle down with a foreign pint that feels oh so right.

Dating back to the 16th century the majority of the Scottish sports stones are made with Common Green granite from Ailsa Craig, an uninhabited island off the west coast of the country.
Stop 1

The perfect OLYMPIC liquid courage

• 8:30pm to 9:45pm •

Walking up to the second floor, deep into the back corner of the commercialized mall you’ll stumble upon a little shining beacon of light, the Bodega Wine Bar. It’s dimly lit patio is the perfect spot for grabbing a glass of Malbec, a tasty salad and splitting a pizza. The chattering of post business conference groups and cougars spilling each other’s beans meld with your banter on what’s coming next. Will it be cold? Are we going to be bored? What are we doing anyways? All your questions will be answered soon after that last sip of liquid Olympic courage.

Alternative: Feeling a craft beer and burger before stepping on the ice? Stop in to a Hollywood Curling favorite, Congregation Ale House.

Stop 2

curling is the coolest

• 10pm to 11:30pm •

After the few minutes walk to the Pasadena Ice Skating Center you’ll pass through it’s doors in a curious and awkward state. Not only is curling so out of the ordinary but there are also a number of people milling about feeling the same way. You’ll eventually meet the Hollywood Curling organizers and get your name tag. After a brief “safety” PSA you’ll get on the ice for the lesson of a lifetime. You’ll push off the hacks getting your stone closest to the button after learning how to sweep properly from the skip managing each end. Got it? By the end of the lesson you'll be a convert planning your next visit back to the rink...or Minnesota.

Stop 3

because nothing pairs better with curling than a good beer

• Post Curling •

When you’ve taken that last step off the ice there’s only two truths that ring free. Curling is a lot harder than you thought and a pint sounds really good about now. In true Scottish fashion you’re already half way to your next destination Lucky Baldwin’s Pub. Entering through the kitchen you first wonder why you’re going here until you pass into the back room. A brick walled pub of glorious standards is as welcoming as the curling crew you left behind. Pints of beer taken back with a classic soundtrack of doo-wop hits are the perfect cherries on top for a night of unknown capabilities.


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